Schwan tap

Company: Merquip

Following Merquip’s popular Schwan SC60 instant drinking water system are two new models: the SC30, and SC40.

By now most people will be familiar with our popular Schwan SC60 drinking water system, which offers steaming hot and ambient drinking water, all filtered.

Now, the SC60 is joined by the SC30 and SC40.

  • SC60: Boiling and ambient drinking water, all filtered.
  • SC40: Boiling-only drinking water, filtered.
  • SC30: Boiling-only drinking water, not filtered.

This now forms the Schwan ‘Classic Collection’ range.

For small businesses, (max 8 staff) the Schwan is a better alternative than a wall-mounted boiler. The Schwan boiler tank is hidden out of sight in the cupboard, with the option of providing filtered cool water as well as boiling.

And for residential kitchens, the advantages of having boiling water on tap are many and varied—see the website for just some of the uses for these convenient appliances.

And they’re surprisingly affordable!

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Schwan range