Company: Aridon

ARIDON®: The All in one system: Rigid air barrier + insulation + cavity batten

 The ARIDON® system is a revolutionary, all-in-one, weatherproof insulation system that interlocks together on the outside of the building frame, replacing building wrap, insulation and cavity battens while eliminating thermal bridging and providing superior weather protection to the building.

The New Zealand building industry is facing a rapidly changing landscape with increased requirements for ‘quality building systems’ that speed up the build time, provide superior end-user benefits, are a sustainable alternative, and reduce the impending drain on labour. The ARIDON® system is a fully BRANZ appraised system that ticks all these boxes.

The ARIDON® sheathing system is suitable for new residential and low rise commercial builds, as well as renovations. It provides significantly higher construction R values (typically 40% better) than traditional cavity insulation systems, regardless of wall framing layout. Insulated sheathing is a traditional building material throughout Germany, Canada and the USA, as its energy efficiency and sustainability benefits are renowned for surpassing all other insulation methods. ARIDON® has taken these best practice materials and combined them with gold standard weatherproofing techniques to provide New Zealand a superior insulated weatherproofing system.

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 ARIDON®: Changing the way we build today for a better tomorrow