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Company: Blueprint Imaging

FOREX® print sheet material is specially designed to meet the requirements in the sheet, and is outstanding due to its brilliant white, smooth, even surface which forms the basis for a perfect printing result, particularly for direct digital printing.


Due to its surface structure, FOREX® print attains optimum ink adhesion for printing and is extremely colour-fast. The sheet material is suitable for flat applications in such fields as sign-making and advertising for short-term and medium-term use. FOREX®print enables economic solutions in the field of printing applications.

FOREX®print at a glance:

  • Brilliant white, smooth, even surface for good printability, especially for direct digital printing
  • Optimum ink adhesion and colour fastness
  • Good dimensional accuracy of the sheets
  • Suitable for applications
  • Practicable for shorter to medium-term applications for interior and exterior use
  • “Ready to use“ – can be printed on directly without any pre-treatment required
  • Provided with protective film
  • Difficult-to-ignite and self-extinguishing

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