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Company: Knauf

Knauf is continuing to provide more choice to the NZ building market with the promotion of its remarkable Heradesign® acoustic panels.

Made in Austria with typical Knauf precision, Heradesign’s high performance acoustic wall and ceiling panels are made from wood wool sourced from sustainable timber.

Building experts know the importance of good acoustics in the built environment for health and well-being. In particular, effective soundproofing is key to influencing people’s mood and temperament.

Knauf’s Heradesign panels are exceptionally good at absorbing sound because the wood fibres provide a porous, diffuse surface. Instead of hitting a flat surface and reflecting back, the sound is absorbed and spread.

Available in a range of surface finishes, three thicknesses and two different types of edging, Heradesign can be painted in any colour. This versatility makes the product ideal for education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment, hospitality and recreational facilities.

The core components of Heradesign are wood, magnesite and water – making the panels a safe choice for New Zealand buildings. As well as being impact resistant and having a unique aesthetic, Heradesign has an impressive proven durability of more than 80 years.

Heradesign panels carry the European Commission CE mark certifying they meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

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