Hot Water 1

Company: Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.

Does your next commercial build need a powerful reliable hot water heating system? Does it need to provide hot water 24/7? Does it need to be economical to run? Then talk to Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.

We are New Zealand’s leading designer and manufacturer of heat pump water heaters. We are renown throughout the industry for our innovation, quality, performance and after sales service.

Our wide customer base includes city councils, hotel owners and group retirement villages. We offer bespoke solutions for commercial builds which run efficiently and economically.

Specified in the installation tender document, we recently created a bespoke hot water system for Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland. Two 1000 litre duplex stainless steel insert cylinders and one commercial heat pump were fitted to maintain 60°C water in the cylinders. The heat pump extracts heat energy out of the air and puts it into the water, which means that on average, the running costs for this system will be up to two thirds of those of an alternative heat source.

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