Colourful and Modern Hush Shutter aluminium door jambs

Designer 1

Company: Designer Aluminium

Hush Shutter aluminium door jambs are the modern way to go.

Aluminium jambs are striking in appearance and extremely functional.

Made from extruded aluminium, with a powdercoat finish, 34 standard powdercoat colours are available, and also non standard colour options, e.g. corporate colours could be used very effectively.

Jambs are easy to install to timber framed or poly panel walls, and are much more hardwearing than timber, therefore maintenance free. In cases of extreme damage can be simply removed and replaced without extra decorating.

Hush Shutter can be used with sliding, hinged and cavity slider doors, and have a complementary skirting to give a seamless look.

Hush Shutter can be used in any type of construction, residential or commercial, including concrete block, but is particularly suitable in hospitals, rest homes etc. where considerable bed and wheel chair movements are involved. Also the quiet closing of doors (they close against mohair in the jamb) is a bonus in hospitals and rest homes.

Also education is another key situation. Hush Shutter is very resilient to knocks and heavy traffic usage. We recommend Hush Shutter for all educational situations from child care, kindergarten through to college.

Visit for more information.

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