The first ever ENERGY STAR® rated ducted air-conditioning range is here


Company: Fujitsu

Fujitsu continue to lead in heat pump air-conditioning with a comprehensive range of models that have many unique and convenient features. Importantly, the range is also exceptionally energy efficient. In fact, it’s the first ever range to be awarded the ENERGY STAR® mark by EECA for its efficiency.

Whilst it is recognised that heat pumps are the most efficient heating in New Zealand, the Fujitsu range stands head and shoulders above the rest, with the ability to deliver significant, on-going power savings for the life of the units.

In addition, some models in the Fujitsu range offers an optional Zone Control System, allowing you to control the heating and cooling in up to 8 zones (rooms).

With concealed low-profile units, a wide choice of discreet vent designs, whisper quiet operation and New Zealand’s most economical and efficient heating and cooling technology, it’s never been easier to specify one brand name for all your ducted air-conditioning and heat pump projects.

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