Company: Euro Metals

CopperPlus® – Innovative 3-layer composite

CopperPlus® is a composite clad metal made up of several layers of copper and stainless steel. The copper layers are roll-bonded under great pressure to a core of stainless steel to create a new clad material. Cladding enables properties individual metals do not possess to be combined in customised fashion. As a copper-clad, stainless-steel composite, CopperPlus® brings you the stunning ageing and optical characteristics of copper combined with the strength and weight advantages of stainless steel.

How you benefit: Copper without the cost! Also, we will give you a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, provided that it is installed correctly.  Bottom line: CopperPlus® gives you higher performance for lower cost.

CopperPlus® offers excellent workability.

Cut, form, bend, solder or weld it, thanks to its lower weight and inherent strength, installation is faster and more efficient.

Fastening by all the usual means – screws, bolts, rivets and clips made of copper, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

Makes soldering quick and easy. Solders like copper, using the same solders and fluxes, and brazing is no problem at the right temperature and heat input.

CopperPlus® – copper clad stainless steel for all architectural applications