Company: BGC Fibre Cement

The external finish of a house is just as important as the internal finish that people spend so long to get perfect. The external part of the house creates that initial ‘wow’ factor when people see the building.

The brand new Innova Stratum™ range from BGC Fibre Cement can give your home a contemporary feel; and with 3 striking profiles to choose from there is sure to be one that suits your project.

Stratum is a 300mm wide plank with a 16mm horizontal joint. Stratum™ Duo is again a 300mm wide plank but features a 16mm wide groove in the centre of the plank giving the appearance of 2 thinner planks. Stratum™ Contour is a self aligning plank 170mm wide and features a 2mm deep shadowline at the top of each plank.

Each of the 3 profiles can be used by itself or combine the profiles for a striking exterior cladding solution. All 3 profiles have BRANZ appraisal.

The Innova Stratum™ range is quick and easy to install with gun nailing and manual nailing installation methods; Stratum™  is the perfect choice for a modern alternative to traditional weatherboards.

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