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Coffee and Earplugs?


Company: The GDK Group

Benediction Cafe is well known on the Auckland café scene for fantastic food and great coffee. However the hard surface construction of the building offset this with high levels of sound generated by both people and equipment.

Acoustic transmission played a large part in the build-up of sound levels. The two key areas of generation were from the lower level (Counter and kitchen area, (voices and equipment)) and the upper floor level, (patrons’ voices). The noise created at the lower level rose and sound flanking developed over the first floor balustrade and into the main cafe area.

The existing interior included suspended services, concrete walls and ceilings and a large area of glazing which reduced available acoustic options.

The brief from the owner was to reduce reverberation and sound flanking to enhance speech intelligibility and staff and patron comfort. It was important that the open feel of the café was retained without masking the original interior features, such as the glazed balustrade.

Four sound absorbing elements were used creating a decorative, practical and functional design. They include a printed decorative / acoustic feature panel, plywood suspended acoustic ceiling clouds, a micro-perforated acoustic baffle balustrade and soft acoustic panels to tie the end wall into the overall design.

The table tops were also replaced using 13mm compact laminate, which was primed, printed with Benediction’s logo and coated with polyurethane. Being UV stable the tables can also be used outside.

With pre and post fitout tests showing an average sound reduction of 9.04dB (equating to almost half of the original sound level) post fitout, GDK’s custom acoustic products have delivered a softer, quieter environment for staff and customers.

For a PDF of works and finishes please email Mark Lawrence from GDK Group.



HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 by Häfele – Use of Space Redefined


Company: Häfele

HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 combines folding and sliding in a single hardware set. That makes it an ideal solution for multi-functional room layouts. The cabinet front is fully flush when closed, the folding doors can be conveniently stowed inside pockets, and the full width of the cabinet is accessible when open – all of which makes it the perfect choice for modern residential interiors. A uniform cabinet front design is also possible in combination with HAWA-Concepta 25/30/50 pivot/slide-in hardware.

Whether for an office corner in the spare room, a utility room in the bathroom, or a kitchen in the living room, the HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 is ideal for customised front designs: folding fronts allow cabinets to be opened to the full extent, and in the closed position they present a uniform gap pattern.

HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 simplifies cabinet designs – a bonus for installers whatever their concept. Integrated profiles for body and side connections allow designs with overlaying doors, while an optional profile reinforcing the cabinet top makes it possible to install fronts up to 2800mm wide without a middle wall. Easy adjustment with front access simplifies assembly and an additional trolley prevents bending or sagging of the second door. Securely fitted to the structure, the system provides a long-term solution.

More information can be found at or view the video on the Hafele YouTube page.




No More Squeaky Creaky Floors – with Integra Lightweight

Resene 2

Company: Resene Construction Systems

INTEGRA Lightweight concrete flooring is the latest solution for renovation & new build projects. Resene Construction Systems INTEGRA 75mm, reinforced AAC flooring system is designed as a durable, cost effective solid flooring system that provides thermal & acoustic insulation, and is fast to install.

The INTEGRA flooring system is the only AAC flooring product to be infused with Aquapel during manufacture which makes the panel super hydrophobic which is a fantastic benefit to ensure the panel stays dry during construction, and for the life of the product.

Installed over timber or steel framing. The panels measure 1.8 m L x .6 W x 75mm thick. The panel edges are tongue & groove providing a tight fit for the mortar bonding.

Comments from consumers –

“Now it is down, it would be one of the best suggestions put forward for our new build” – Nathan Reid, Auckland

“Amazing – solid and quiet” – Brad Morris, Auckland

For more information visit us on or our website

Resene 1

Innovation Sofa Beds


Company: Poynters

Danish by Design. Functional by nature. Innovation Sofa beds are leading the way in world-class, high quality sofa beds.

Our iStyle sofa bed collection is stylish and comfortable for modern people. We hesitate to call them sofa beds because their modern, contemporary lines scream of style sophistication.

We prefer to call them functional sofas. They look like a sofa. And when they’re a bed, they offer the comfort of a full pocket spring mattress, as found on high quality beds. Converting them from sofa to bed is true Danish ingenuity. Simple and fast.

They are the perfect choice for urban living; in the loft, the office, the apartment or the guest room.

There’s a luxurious sofa bed to suit your personality and living space. World class and quite possibly the best available.

Come in to view the range at Poynters or visit online at



GDK Group serves up a dining delight


Company: The GDK Group

When Candelori’s restaurant in Sydney extended and refurbished their restaurant, the acoustics in the main dining area were a concern. The GDK Group was their first choice to deliver the perfect dining environment through a high-end acoustic solution.

The refurbishment of Candelori’s used a number of hard surfaces, such as concrete, stone and glass to create a sharp, stylish and clean-line aesthetic design. To complement the visual appeal the control of sound was uppermost in the owners’ mind to ensure the comfort of diners.

Controlling reverberation from the hard surfaces was a key design requirement and combined with limited space due to existing services, provided a challenge. The product chosen needed to provide excellent acoustic properties but also have structural integrity to suspend and build in services such as lights and air-con diffusers, all in a very limited ceiling cavity space.

The perfect match was the Hybrid high performance panel system that incorporates slots through the panel face and circular perforations behind each slot. This technique delivers an increased open area and air gap behind the panel, delivering superior sound absorption.

The architect chose to finish the panels with a deep rich, American Oak veneer to provide contrast with the other surfaces.

Minimising disruption to Candelori’s during the refurbishment was important so the work had to be completed in January 2014. Our ability to manufacture and install within the required (short) lead time and working seamlessly with the other trades made the decision easy for the client.

The job required highly detailed custom panels, but with our integrated systems and state-of-the art technology, final check measure to installation of panels was completed in three weeks.



Think outside the square with Holyoake’s Round Outlet Extract (ROE)

Holyoake 1

Company: Holyoake

Holyoake Industries continues to lead the market with the introduction of the new Round Outlet Extract (ROE).

The Holyoake ROE is a great alternative to the typical plastic grilles that are common place on houses. These are manufactured out of light weight Aluminium and are designed for use in exterior situations as an exhaust.

ROE’s are available in the following sizes:

  • 150mm diameter
  • 200mm diameter
  • 250mm diameter

The Holyoake ROE has been designed so that Holyoake Spiro-Flex, and Holyoake Spiro-Set can simply slip on to the neck eliminating the need for any adaptor.

The Holyoake ROE is a one piece rolled aluminium frame with a 20mm Flange around the circumference.

The Round Outlet Extract is perfect for soffit situations to add some architectural details to what can be an otherwise simple space.

As Holyoake Industries has its own in house powdercoating facility we are able to powdercoat the Round Outlet Louver to any of the 70 Standard Dulux Duralloy Powdercoat colour range.

For more information regarding Holyoake products please contact your local branch in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, or visit or

Holyoake 2


SurePave™ The Heavyweight in Permeable Paving

Cirtex 1

Company: Cirtex

SurePave™ is a plastic cellular paving grid for reinforcing grass or gravel where a permeable surface is required.

The unique design of this system offers excellent ground reinforcement by creating a surface made up by an open cell structure that can be used with either grass or gravel.

SurePave™ pavers are suitable for many applications including trafficked ones in both grass and gravel including car parks, bus parks, walking tracks, emergency access roads, golf course paths, over flow car parking, grass or gravel driveways, farm gateways and tracks and tree root protection.

SurePave™ offers an attractive, natural looking paving alternative to concrete and asphalt pavements and concrete grass stabilisation products.

If you are a landowner, you are responsible for managing stormwater on your property. Hard impermeable surfaces such as concrete/tar seal driveways, roads, roofs and footpaths cannot soak up stormwater. SurePave is an ideal solution for soaking up stormwater in many of these applications.

For further information phone us on 0800 247 839 or visit

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