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SurePave™ is a plastic cellular paving grid for reinforcing grass or gravel where a permeable surface is required.

The unique design of this system offers excellent ground reinforcement by creating a surface made up by an open cell structure that can be used with either grass or gravel.

SurePave™ pavers are suitable for many applications including trafficked ones in both grass and gravel including car parks, bus parks, walking tracks, emergency access roads, golf course paths, over flow car parking, grass or gravel driveways, farm gateways and tracks and tree root protection.

SurePave™ offers an attractive, natural looking paving alternative to concrete and asphalt pavements and concrete grass stabilisation products.

If you are a landowner, you are responsible for managing stormwater on your property. Hard impermeable surfaces such as concrete/tar seal driveways, roads, roofs and footpaths cannot soak up stormwater. SurePave is an ideal solution for soaking up stormwater in many of these applications.

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