Think outside the square with Holyoake’s Round Outlet Extract (ROE)

Holyoake 1

Company: Holyoake

Holyoake Industries continues to lead the market with the introduction of the new Round Outlet Extract (ROE).

The Holyoake ROE is a great alternative to the typical plastic grilles that are common place on houses. These are manufactured out of light weight Aluminium and are designed for use in exterior situations as an exhaust.

ROE’s are available in the following sizes:

  • 150mm diameter
  • 200mm diameter
  • 250mm diameter

The Holyoake ROE has been designed so that Holyoake Spiro-Flex, and Holyoake Spiro-Set can simply slip on to the neck eliminating the need for any adaptor.

The Holyoake ROE is a one piece rolled aluminium frame with a 20mm Flange around the circumference.

The Round Outlet Extract is perfect for soffit situations to add some architectural details to what can be an otherwise simple space.

As Holyoake Industries has its own in house powdercoating facility we are able to powdercoat the Round Outlet Louver to any of the 70 Standard Dulux Duralloy Powdercoat colour range.

For more information regarding Holyoake products please contact your local branch in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, or visit or

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