Company: The GDK Group

When Candelori’s restaurant in Sydney extended and refurbished their restaurant, the acoustics in the main dining area were a concern. The GDK Group was their first choice to deliver the perfect dining environment through a high-end acoustic solution.

The refurbishment of Candelori’s used a number of hard surfaces, such as concrete, stone and glass to create a sharp, stylish and clean-line aesthetic design. To complement the visual appeal the control of sound was uppermost in the owners’ mind to ensure the comfort of diners.

Controlling reverberation from the hard surfaces was a key design requirement and combined with limited space due to existing services, provided a challenge. The product chosen needed to provide excellent acoustic properties but also have structural integrity to suspend and build in services such as lights and air-con diffusers, all in a very limited ceiling cavity space.

The perfect match was the Hybrid high performance panel system that incorporates slots through the panel face and circular perforations behind each slot. This technique delivers an increased open area and air gap behind the panel, delivering superior sound absorption.

The architect chose to finish the panels with a deep rich, American Oak veneer to provide contrast with the other surfaces.

Minimising disruption to Candelori’s during the refurbishment was important so the work had to be completed in January 2014. Our ability to manufacture and install within the required (short) lead time and working seamlessly with the other trades made the decision easy for the client.

The job required highly detailed custom panels, but with our integrated systems and state-of-the art technology, final check measure to installation of panels was completed in three weeks.