Company: Häfele

HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 combines folding and sliding in a single hardware set. That makes it an ideal solution for multi-functional room layouts. The cabinet front is fully flush when closed, the folding doors can be conveniently stowed inside pockets, and the full width of the cabinet is accessible when open – all of which makes it the perfect choice for modern residential interiors. A uniform cabinet front design is also possible in combination with HAWA-Concepta 25/30/50 pivot/slide-in hardware.

Whether for an office corner in the spare room, a utility room in the bathroom, or a kitchen in the living room, the HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 is ideal for customised front designs: folding fronts allow cabinets to be opened to the full extent, and in the closed position they present a uniform gap pattern.

HAWA-Folding Concepta 25 simplifies cabinet designs – a bonus for installers whatever their concept. Integrated profiles for body and side connections allow designs with overlaying doors, while an optional profile reinforcing the cabinet top makes it possible to install fronts up to 2800mm wide without a middle wall. Easy adjustment with front access simplifies assembly and an additional trolley prevents bending or sagging of the second door. Securely fitted to the structure, the system provides a long-term solution.

More information can be found at www.folding-concepta.com or view the video on the Hafele YouTube page.