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Company: Atlantis

The most important part of a tiled shower is the part that’s hidden….starting with the shower base.

The Atlantis method is all about making tiled shower construction easier, safer and problem-free.

In the past, building a tiled shower has been anything but easy. The traditional method of forming and screeding a shower floor is a job that can take days, needs a skilled tradesperson and comes with considerable risks.

By combining the critical steps into a pre-finished system, Atlantis has taken away the hard work and eliminated the dangers of building a tiled shower.

Our components form a complete capsule to retain water within the shower. It’s why Atlantis showers are so easy to install, why they’re leak-free, and also why they’re so durable.

The Atlantis shower system includes the ready-to-tile shower base (already 100% waterproof), waste, essential waterproofing connections, glazing channels and screens, as well as the necessary fitting materials. Everything’s included – except tiles, tile adhesives and tapware – leaving you with the freedom to create whatever look you desire.

An Atlantis tiled shower brings design and placement freedom as never before. It’s equally home upstairs or down, corner-fitted or wall-side, with floor-level entry, recessed into a concrete floor, or with a variety of hob styles.

And, worth emphasising, there’s peace of mind knowing that every Atlantis tile-over shower base has the unrivalled 25-year leak-free warranty.