EcoSpring Hot Water Heat Pumps


Company: Parex Industries

Water heating represents the single largest opportunity to reduce power consumption in the home.

EcoSpring next generation hot water heating systems reduce water heating operating costs up to 70%.

That adds up to significant savings, and you won’t have to give up a single drop of water.

Choose from a 190L or 300L sized unit, ideal for the modern home or a retrofit. Units can be installed in or outside a property with the option to duct (ducting kit available) the 300L model for greater efficiencies. The control panel on both models allows the user to run the unit in 3 different modes (Economy, Hybrid or E-heater) with a timer and built in element offering the user more flexibility regarding operational requirements.

  • Reduce your power bill.
  • Use renewable energy.
  • 4 year payback.
  • Inside or outside installation.
  • Advanced controls.
  • Real time control.
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty.

For more information call Parex on 0800 200 510, email or visit


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