Company: Hydestor

The relocation of the Sarjeant Art Gallery’s entire collection to its interim location in Taupo Quay, is part of the larger 5-10 year development project to strengthen the original gallery.

Due to its proven stability under seismic conditions, the mobile shelving designed by Hydestor was fundamental in ensuring all the current storage requirements by the Sarjeant Art Gallery were in place. In years to come when it becomes necessary to relocate the collection back to the strenghtened gallery the units can then be reconfigured to suit the new space.

Shona MacKay of Hydestor worked closely with the Architect representing the Gallery, to guarantee that the valuable collection was housed in the most efficient manner.

Bearing in mind the vast quantity of Horizontal and Vertical storage which was required, this was included when designing the specialised S100 mobile storage unit for the huge art collection.

The grid hanging systems incorporates a steel reinforced grid through the centre of their steel posts, which when powdercoated creates an attractive aesthetic without detracting from the structural integrity.

The integrated grid system allows for framed artworks to be stacked in groups according to their size and genre, without compromising vertical space.

This newly designed storage system works well for the staff who have found the system effortless to move when positioning and relocating framed works which need to be easily and safely secured into place.

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