Marshall 2

Company: Marshall Waterproofing

Marshall Innovations are excited to be involved with Productspec in delivering their range of systems to the market.

Marshall’s ‘Tekton Weatherization System’ offers a comprehensive solution when selecting products to form a secure building envelope.

The ‘Tekton Weatherization System’ consists of Tekton Wall Underlay, Tekton Seam Tape, Trade-Seals for sealing around thru-wall penetrations and a range of Protecto Sill Tape options.

A new addition to compliment the ‘Weatherization System’ is SUPER-STICK.

SUPER-STICK is a high performance Sill Flashing Tape that is designed to be used in temperature extremes. No more issues regarding cool temperatures in winter or the heat of summer.

  • BRANZ # 846.
  • Can be installed in extremely cold conditions to -5⁰C.
  • Minimal thickness ensures no build-up around joinery openings & won’t affect cavity battens.
  • UV resistant to 90 days.
  • Split liner on back for easier installation.
  • Adheres to damp surfaces.
  • No primers or additional componentry required.
  • Will not react with sealants and issues related to Plasticizer Migration.
  • Can be used with RAB systems.
  • A Greener solution.
  • No VOC’s or CFC’s. No Toxicity.

For more information visit our website or phone 0800 776 9727.