Company: Atlantis

Over time, even subtle movement can be enough to undermine any waterproofing layer that has been applied directly onto the timber floor and walls. Cracks can then occur, particularly at the corner joints, creating the potential for leaks.

No matter how well the membrane has been applied, it won’t stop water eventually finding its way out. We’ve all heard of leaky home syndrome.

Leaky shower syndrome is an equally serious and costly problem. The Atlantis tile shower system is a specially designed solution to combat leaky showers. More importantly, it caters for high risk areas such as upstairs bathrooms and timber floors.

Unlike traditional methods of building tile showers and wet rooms, the Atlantis system is a complete shower package that addresses all the critical waterproofing issues in a shower area.

The core of the Atlantis system is the pre-moulded 100% waterproof EasyTile base that forms the structural foundation for the tile shower. Made from the same reinforced laminate material used in high performance boats, the EasyTile base provides a stable shower floor that will not move, flex or buckle with building movement.

The Atlantis Tile shower base and system components form a complete capsule to retain all water within the shower. With precision-made connections that seal together at the critical junctions, there is no chance of water escaping other than where it is directed. The system comes with a choice of premium quality frameless screen configurations,

The Atlantis EasyTile shower base comes with an unrivalled 25-year leak-free guarantee!