OPAL and TruRock from Knauf Plasterboard – superior performance for the same price


Company: Knauf Plasterboard

For clients who demand the highest quality finish on their walls, but also want good value, Knauf Plasterboard’s OPAL system with Level+ Technology is the product to offer.

Used in conjunction with Knauf’s MastaTape Universal compound, the OPAL system delivers a premium level 5 finish and an aesthetically superior result. With a surface-lining-paper pre-coat that uses advanced Level+Technology, the OPAL system ensures the smoothest and whitest finish available on the market.

Only recently released in New Zealand, OPAL plasterboard offers exceptional sound insulation and is ideal for bedrooms, media rooms and playrooms. High traffic areas such as stairways, corridors and foyers will also benefit from OPAL plasterboard’s unrivalled impact resistance.

Easy to clean and UV resistant, OPAL plasterboard provides better fire protection with over 25% more hydrated gypsum than standard plasterboard.

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For commercial jobs that require durable, multi-functional boards, Knauf’sTruRock Plasterboard is the economical solution. As well as excellent acoustic performance, TruRock is easy to maintain and boasts fire, water and impact resistance that meets or exceeds industry requirements. Featuring a high density core with glass fibre reinforcement and heavy duty face and back paper, TruRock is the lining to choose for high performance commercial projects.

Talk to your preferred supplier about Knauf Plasterboard’s OPAL and TruRock products today.


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