BOSTIK ALPHA GRIP – Tested and Approved for use with strandfloor®


Company: Bostik

Bostik New Zealand are pleased to announce that Bostik’s Alpha Grip 1 hour foaming PU Construction Adhesive has now been tested and approved by Laminex as suitable for fixing Strandfloor® panels to timber and steel joists.

Adhesive used to bond panels to the support system limits the possibility of movement, thereby reducing the potential for noise to be generated within the flooring system.

BOSTIK ALPHA GRIP 1 Hour Foaming PU Construction Adhesive features:

  • One hour Cure
  • Suitable for flooring and general construction
  • D4 adhesive is Stronger than wood after one hour
  • Foams slightly to fill gaps and cracks
  • Sticks to wet surfaces in all weather

For more information please visit the Bostik website or call 0508 222 777.

Bostik 2

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