Company: Blue Print Imaging

3M’s Envision Wraps combine high-performance technology with a sustainable edge!

3M Envision Print Wrap Film 480Cv3, and its protective cover 3M Envision Gloss Wrap Overlaminate 8548G come with new features and advantages, as well as the same 3M innovations you know and love!

New features:

  • Versatile — wraps walls, vehicles, trucks, trailers, boats, textured surfaces and more
  • Installs 50% faster on textured surfaces
  • Conformable on demand
  • Stretches 150% and will not lift
  • Installs even easier — in a broader range of ambient temperatures
  • Exceptional gloss and clarity
  • Resistant to squeegee scratching
  • Faster removals
  • Greater tensile strength — resists tearing
  • Highly durable — guards against UV rays, high temperatures, moisture and acid dew
  • Greener solution — non-PVC

Tried and true features:

  • Excellent print quality
  • Slideability
  • Snap-up (repositionability)
  • Heated film recovery
  • ComplyTM v3 Adhesive air release channels

For more information call Blue Print Imaging on 09 299 7770 or visit their website today!

Try it. Apply it. Stretch it. Remove it.