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Bostik – experts in MS and PU construction sealant technology!


Company: Bostik

Bostik Safe Seal Range

Economical MS Construction Sealants

  • Solvent free with MS (Modified Silicone)
  • Low VOC, low odour, Green Star Compliant
  • Fully Paintable, highly elastic, sticks to almost any surface
  • 375ml cartridge and 600ml sausage in white, grey and black
  • BRANZ appraised

Applications: roofing, flashing, gutters, tilt slab joints, air seals, connection and movement joints.


Bostik Seal ‘n’ Flex 1 Range

Economical Class A Polyurethane Sealants

  • Paintable
  • Durable to harsh weather conditions
  • Specified with James Hardie systems
  • 300ml cartridge and 600ml sausage in white, grey, and black
  • Also available in Seal ‘n’ Flex Fast Cure for trafficable floor joints

Applications: adhesive and sealant for fibre cement sheets, tilt slab joints and air seals.



Sunlight and LED Unite: The Solatube Smart LED System is here


Company: HomeTech

When it comes to lighting, it’s hard to beat the sun for endlessly bright, consistent lighting. The only downside is that it goes down each night, forcing occupants to turn on electric lights after dark. The Solatube Smart LED System solves this problem using SunSense Technology, which blends sunlight with LED lighting to seamlessly illuminate rooms day and night. It’s the system that creates light in a smarter way.

Runs on autopilot
The Solatube Smart LED System operates automatically, turning the integrated LED lights on and off as light levels change throughout the day and night. When the sun goes down in the evening the system seamlessly transitions from waning daylight to radiant LED light.

Energy efficient
For even smarter lighting, the optional Occupancy Sensor maximizes energy efficiency by preventing the LEDs from triggering unless an underlit area is occupied. If movement is present when light levels are low, the Occupancy Sensor will allow the LEDs to activate. If not, they remain dormant. With the Occupancy Sensor, you’ll save on electricity and never have to worry about leaving the lights on.

So many applications
Designed to light spaces up to 2.5m2 the Smart LED System works best in small to mid-sized spaces like hallways, bathrooms, sculleries, entryways and closets. Many domestic and commercial environments can benefit from the good looks, performance and efficiency of Solatube Smart LED Technology.

For daylighting expertise for your next project contact HomeTech Solatube:



Council compliant solution to decking over membrane – Simple, fast, affordable


Company: OUTDURE

The QWICKBUILD deck frame system is a low height, high load substructure framework that can span 200% more than timber. It ensures 100% straight and square deck structures over soil/concrete, and is perfect for over membrane installation.


  •  Council compliant solution for decking over membrane
  •  Provides ventilation and access to membrane
  •  Low height structure (down to 24mm)
  •  Rigged, stable, moisture proof
  •  Custom prefabricated deck frame
  •  Eliminate screws for fastening the decking board to the frame
  •  Super-fast assembly
  •  Cost equivalent to timber sub frame once installed

With QWICKBUILD it is now possible to replace the high cost of poor quality materials and lengthy installation times with quality moisture proof components speedy project completion and the assurance that your deck will stay straight and level.

Download CAD details and more information or see QWICKBUILD in action, for further assistance call 0800 778877.


Plankwall’s Shopfitting Offer – Stickman Range… Architectural Panel Joining Mouldings


Company: Plankwall

The Plankwall Stickman range expands!

Stickman is the ideal way to add edge protection for joinery projects. The aluminium profiles have been designed to add strength and protection to edges at 90 and 135 degrees.

The profiles are extruded in NZ and Asia. Used extensively in NZ and Australia where our publicity has been focused, it is intriguing that it is specified widely overseas. A recent specification was for a Chicago Law firm with the furniture built by a prominent North Carolina company. Now the issue is to appoint distributors in the USA and other countries including UK.

The NEW MC12 uses 12mm panels reducing product weight in tables, desks and cubes. The profile contributes strength, ease of assembly, and protection of edges. In the example of the KINGSTON desk shown above, using 12mm for the slab ends allows access and space for the wiring to be concealed inside. Also able to be shipped knocked down and assembled on site.



Quash that noise with a Whisper; at last a weather resistant solution to deal with environmental noise.


Company: Forman Building Systems

Acoustic sound absorbing panels are used to control problems with noise and sound in all types of environments. They allow people to speak and hear better and provide a safer work environment.

When you have external conditions to deal with like water, moisture, humidity, dirt, dust, ultraviolet light, chlorine air, and most harsh chemicals, your choice of acoustic solutions are reduced to just a few.

Products like Polyester lose performance when wet. Woodwool/cement products can weigh up to 40kgs/m2, making them difficult to suspend. Bonded aggregates can often price themselves out of the market for large scale applications.

Whisper™ from Forman Building Systems is manufactured to perform in the most rigorous outdoor and industrial environments. It is washable, very durable, long lasting and usable in hundreds of areas and applications.

50mm Whisper™ has Class A alpha w rating of 1.00. Whisper™ is available in black and white in 2400 x 1000mm sheets and in 25mm and 50mm thicknesses.



Sylproof Superia LED: The Perfect Lighting Solution for Demanding Environments


Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions

The Sylproof Superia LED from Sylvania is a functional weather proof luminaire with robust polycarbonate body (IK08), designed for use in demanding environments.

The UV stabilised polycarbonate/acrylic diffuser with linear prisms ensures maximum light output and minimum glare. With a fully removable gear tray, the Sylproof Superia LED enables future life extension of its already 50000hr life expectancy of fixture or future replacement for anticipated improved performance of LED technology where desired.

What’s more, the Sylproof Superia LED is available in 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm lengths of both single and double LED strips; emergency and freezer options are also available on request. All fixtures come complete with stainless steel tamperproof clips, surface mounting clips, wire-suspension clips and all gaskets and two cable glands for through wiring needs.

The Sylproof Superia LED range provides a holistic solution for application requiring long service life and low maintenance costs.


  • Efficacy up to 96Lm/W
  • CCT 4000K and 6500K standard (other CCT on request)
  • Vandal and heat resistant polycarbonate body to IK08
  • UV stabilised polycarbonate body and diffuser (acrylic diffuser available on request)
  • Linear prismatic diffuser design to optimise light output and reduce glare
  • Stainless steel latches and all fixing brackets
  • Average rated life : 50000 hours
  • LED technology providing energy efficient solutions and reduced maintenance costs
  • Freezer and emergency options also available on request

The Sylproof Superia LED is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.



Introducing New 3M Clear View 8150


Company: Blueprint Imaging

The new 3M™ Scotchcal™ Clear View printable film 8150 can be used in many ways on and inside buildings, enabling architects and shop-fitters to implement creative design ideas for new and existing glass surfaces. It allows creativity and offers innovative, high-performance solutions for glass design using graphics, text and special effects. It also offers a great solution for public transport advertising. Despite its hard-wearing qualities, it can be easily removed when no longer required.

Ideal uses:

Interior Glass Graphics

  • creation of individual designs for glass doors, dividing walls, partitions, showcases and mirrored surfaces
  • whether for purely decorative or for functional purposes such as ensuring privacy or signage

Window Advertising

  • can be used in many ways on and inside buildings
  • allowing creative design ideas for glass surface – for example on facades or shop windows
  • glass decoration & advertisement onto commercial refrigerators

Vehicle Graphics

  • complete wrapping of vehicles, including the windows
  • new possibilities for advertising on buses and trams
  • usage of curved rear windscreens of taxis and fleet vehicles

The one-way vision which is desirable in public transport advertising can be achieved with the help of a printed hole matrix, without the need to perforate the film.

Key Features:

  • a cast, highly transparent and conformable graphic film with a special PET liner
  • compatible with all digital and screen-printing systems
  • removable adhesive
  • wet application for easy application and positioning
  • durability of 7 years