Quash that noise with a Whisper; at last a weather resistant solution to deal with environmental noise.


Company: Forman Building Systems

Acoustic sound absorbing panels are used to control problems with noise and sound in all types of environments. They allow people to speak and hear better and provide a safer work environment.

When you have external conditions to deal with like water, moisture, humidity, dirt, dust, ultraviolet light, chlorine air, and most harsh chemicals, your choice of acoustic solutions are reduced to just a few.

Products like Polyester lose performance when wet. Woodwool/cement products can weigh up to 40kgs/m2, making them difficult to suspend. Bonded aggregates can often price themselves out of the market for large scale applications.

Whisper™ from Forman Building Systems is manufactured to perform in the most rigorous outdoor and industrial environments. It is washable, very durable, long lasting and usable in hundreds of areas and applications.

50mm Whisper™ has Class A alpha w rating of 1.00. Whisper™ is available in black and white in 2400 x 1000mm sheets and in 25mm and 50mm thicknesses.


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