Company: Plankwall

The Plankwall Stickman range expands!

Stickman is the ideal way to add edge protection for joinery projects. The aluminium profiles have been designed to add strength and protection to edges at 90 and 135 degrees.

The profiles are extruded in NZ and Asia. Used extensively in NZ and Australia where our publicity has been focused, it is intriguing that it is specified widely overseas. A recent specification was for a Chicago Law firm with the furniture built by a prominent North Carolina company. Now the issue is to appoint distributors in the USA and other countries including UK.

The NEW MC12 uses 12mm panels reducing product weight in tables, desks and cubes. The profile contributes strength, ease of assembly, and protection of edges. In the example of the KINGSTON desk shown above, using 12mm for the slab ends allows access and space for the wiring to be concealed inside. Also able to be shipped knocked down and assembled on site.