Council compliant solution to decking over membrane – Simple, fast, affordable


Company: OUTDURE

The QWICKBUILD deck frame system is a low height, high load substructure framework that can span 200% more than timber. It ensures 100% straight and square deck structures over soil/concrete, and is perfect for over membrane installation.


  •  Council compliant solution for decking over membrane
  •  Provides ventilation and access to membrane
  •  Low height structure (down to 24mm)
  •  Rigged, stable, moisture proof
  •  Custom prefabricated deck frame
  •  Eliminate screws for fastening the decking board to the frame
  •  Super-fast assembly
  •  Cost equivalent to timber sub frame once installed

With QWICKBUILD it is now possible to replace the high cost of poor quality materials and lengthy installation times with quality moisture proof components speedy project completion and the assurance that your deck will stay straight and level.

Download CAD details and more information or see QWICKBUILD in action, for further assistance call 0800 778877.


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