Company: HomeTech

When it comes to lighting, it’s hard to beat the sun for endlessly bright, consistent lighting. The only downside is that it goes down each night, forcing occupants to turn on electric lights after dark. The Solatube Smart LED System solves this problem using SunSense Technology, which blends sunlight with LED lighting to seamlessly illuminate rooms day and night. It’s the system that creates light in a smarter way.

Runs on autopilot
The Solatube Smart LED System operates automatically, turning the integrated LED lights on and off as light levels change throughout the day and night. When the sun goes down in the evening the system seamlessly transitions from waning daylight to radiant LED light.

Energy efficient
For even smarter lighting, the optional Occupancy Sensor maximizes energy efficiency by preventing the LEDs from triggering unless an underlit area is occupied. If movement is present when light levels are low, the Occupancy Sensor will allow the LEDs to activate. If not, they remain dormant. With the Occupancy Sensor, you’ll save on electricity and never have to worry about leaving the lights on.

So many applications
Designed to light spaces up to 2.5m2 the Smart LED System works best in small to mid-sized spaces like hallways, bathrooms, sculleries, entryways and closets. Many domestic and commercial environments can benefit from the good looks, performance and efficiency of Solatube Smart LED Technology.

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