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Calling Smart Specifiers – Join us at a free Smartspec Workshop!

Company: Smartspec
Architects, Designers, BCA’s, industry graduates, design/build companies, volume builders, related consultants, and other industry specifiers – you’re invited to join us at one of 12 Smartspec Workshops this October!

You’ll learn about specification-writing best practice and find out how to save time producing a high-quality and succinct project-specific document – plus learn the theory, basics, and more advanced new features of Smartspec. Ideal for all levels regardless of previous Smartspec experience!

Hospitality will be provided and spaces are limited so please register below to secure a space at your nearest location. 1.5 ADNZ CPD points are available.

We look forward to seeing you there!

This Smartspec Workshop Series is proudly supported by our friends at GIB, Resene Construction Systems, Paul Industries, Nuralite, Firth, Resene, Dynex, and Thermakraft.

WELLINGTON  /  Smartspec HQ
Thursday 2nd Oct  /  12 – 1.30pm

AUCKLAND CENTRAL / Chancery Chambers
Monday 6 Oct  /  11am – 12.30pm

AUCKLAND NORTH  /  The Commons
Monday 6 Oct  /  3.30 – 5pm

AUCKLAND SOUTH  /  Butterfly Creek
Tuesday 7th Oct  /  9 – 10.30pm

HAMILTON  /  The Verandah Cafe
Tuesday 7th Oct  /  3.30 – 5pm

TAURANGA  /  Trinity Wharf Hotel
Wednesday 8nd Oct  /  11 – 12.30pm

ROTORUA  /  Peppers on the Point
Wednesday 8th Oct  /  3.30 – 5pm

TAUPO /  Hilton Lake Taupo
Thursday 9th Oct  /  9 – 10.30am

NAPIER  /  East Pier Brasserie
Thursday 9th Oct  /  2 – 3.30pm

CHRISTCHURCH  /  Russley Golf Club
Thursday 23rd Oct  /  9 – 10.30am

DUNEDIN  /  Forsyth Barr Stadium
Thursday 23rd Oct  /  3.30 – 5pm

QUEENSTOWN  /  Hotel St Moritz
Friday 24th Oct  /  11am – 12.30pm



Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape – stronger, superior, reliable


Company: Paul Industries

Ultra-Bond Sill Tape is a self-adhered, waterproofing flashing membrane designed to protect windows, doors and through-wall penetrations from moisture infiltration. It is self-adhesive with a split release liner.

Why specify Ultra-Bond?

  • Suitable for use with all synthetic underlays, and rigid air barriers
  • Superior adhesion to OSB, plywood, aluminium, vinyl and weather resistive barriers and un-primed concrete
  • Flexible and tear resistant – moulds effectively around corners
  • Self seals around holes made by nail and fasteners
  • Superior brand, superior product – bonds stronger overtime

New Zealand’s (sometimes) harsh climate demands a flashing system that deflects water back. Important for the health of any building and offering extra durability Ultra-Bond Sill Tape should be your insulation partner in your moisture management system.

For more information visit us at * or call our helpline on 0800 330 320.

*We back our products with comprehensive technical data which is regularly updated and available on this website.



The advantages of Polyurethane spray foam insulation


Company: NZ Foam

The demand for better methods of insulation in New Zealand is putting a great deal of pressure on existing insulation products. With this in mind, we decided it was time to create NZ Foam Ltd with the intention to play catch up with the rest of the world and introduce polyurethane spray insulation to the residential market.

Polyurethane foam as an insulation has been used extensively around the world for over 60 years and is well known as a superior product over more traditional insulation products. There are many positive attributes to our products, including no sagging, will bond to most surfaces, completely neutral, no out gassing of any harmful chemicals, no formaldehyde used in the formulation, will not degrade electrical wiring or plumbing, has a high level fire rating and due to its gap filling properties urethane foam will give a true and constant thermal R-Value throughout the life of the building.

Not only does Polyurethane foam insulation have a greater R-Value, our products create a full air and moisture barrier, alleviating the loss of heat through convection of air and pressure movement through the walls, which can account for up to 30% of heat loss. As convection is not calculated in the R-Value equation, the true thermal properties of Polyurethane foam insulation are not always understood and appreciated.

Environmentally, polyurethane foam is seen as a friendly product, due to the recycled plastic component and the use of castor oil as its base component. Castor oil is not considered a human food source, can be grown on arid, non irrigated land and is harvested annually therefore self sustainable. As polyurethane does not require further topping up over the life time of the building, this all combines to having a very small carbon footprint.

Our aim at NZ Foam Limited is to further the awareness and education to builders, architects and home owners alike; of the warmth and comfort that we can offer, free of the usual draughts, condensation, mould and allergens normally associated with homes using traditional insulation techniques. Alleviating these issues will help minimise many of our modern day illnesses, including asthma and bronchitis.

The bottom line is – we help create a ‘warmer, dryer, healthier more comfortable cosy home’.

Call 0800 NZ FOAM or visit for more information today.



Ke Kelit NZ – Delivering High-End Plumbing Solutions to Community Projects


Company: Ke Kelit

Ke Kelit NZ is proud to be part of the Pomare Redevelopment Project (Riverside Gardens). This is New Zealand’s first urban regeneration project which demonstrates an innovative partnership approach by The Crown (HNZC) and a private residential developer (City Living Group) to redevelop over 150 HNZC Lots into a master planned medium density mixed tenure community.

Ke Kelit NZ have been able to demonstrate that the use of high-quality plumbing systems is not out of reach for community projects; it is not just upmarket multi-million dollar developments that should experience the piece of mind Ke Kelit’s KELOX- Multilayer piping system provides.

Ke Kelit NZ have delivered through innovation the most advanced plumbing system in New Zealand, at a cost neutral level to traditional, lesser quality and more widely used plumbing systems.

Royden White, the plumber on-site, says “We never thought this system (KELOX – Multilayer piping) would have been cost effective; it is the Rolls Royce of piping systems. But when we worked through the cost, labour and materials it came out on par with what we had always been using. The push fittings are just so quick and easy, we have also removed 90% of the elbows (bends) because the pipe keeps its shape when it’s bent.”

All Ke Kelit’s systems are backed up with our international warrantee, that provides over 1 million dollars in cover.

For more information call 0800 4 KE KELIT (0800 4 53535) of or visit our website.


Architectural Graduate or Established Specifier? Forman Building Systems have the event for you!


Company: Forman Building Systems

Forman are hosting 2 events simultaneously throughout NZ over September – both are free to attend!

The FAIR, Forman Architectural Ideas Roadshow, is an opportunity to see some of the best internationally sourced architectural products, network with industry peers, collect CPD points, and enjoy food from around the world.

The FAIR is split into 2 parts;

3.45-5pm –  The FAIR Presentation:

Covering four industry product category snapshots with a  focus on the latest innovations in insulation, metal ceiling systems, wall framing solutions and LED technology. 10 CPD points are allocated to this presentation.

5-7pm – The FAIR Market Day:

Forman are showcasing the breadth of their 100 year offer, showing top products from around the world. Visit our product displays, try our themed food stands, and join us for an industry get together with drinks.

The FAIR will be held in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Click here for more info or to register for The FAIR.


GAIN, Architectural Graduate Ideas Night, is an unparalleled opportunity for architectural graduates to check out the latest innovations in solutions from around the world, network with other local architectural graduates and suppliers, and enjoy complimentary drinks and canapés.

Gain will be held in the main city centres; Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Click here to view the venues or to secure a limited space at GAIN.



New Garage Door Style to Complement Modern Home Designs


Company: Garador and Dominator Doors

A new sectional garage door style with horizontal negative detailing is now available through Garador and Dominator Dealers Nationwide.

Building on the current popularity of their smooth flat-folded sectional door offering, both Garador and Dominator have introduced a premium version that includes a refined negative detail between each panel and superior graphite-infused EPS insulation at its core.

Bold horizontal lines created by the negative detailing between each panel provide a greater dimension to the garage opening and are a perfect complement to the current design trends of modern homes.

A sophisticated graphite-infused EPS insulator, factory fitted during door manufacture, ensures an accurate fit and improved thermal performance. At the same time the Nevada Negative Detail door has excellent acoustic dampening qualities, providing a perfect shield against noise entering and/or exiting the garage.

Whether matching the roof, walls or windows, the Nevada Negative Detail door has the colour palette to suit. Available in Zincalume® or Powder Coated from a range of quality Dulux® Powders, a home’s unique colour scheme will be enhanced by this exciting new sectional door offering.

For further information on sizing, automation options and installation requirements of the new Nevada Negative Detail sectional door, visit or





Company: HPM Legrand

The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module is a high-speed USB charging solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any Legrand Excel Life powerpoints and switches. This means users can do away with multiple chargers and instead have a convenient integrated solution to charging mobile devices simultaneously whilst conveniently freeing up powerpoints.

The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module provides 4.2A maximum charging capacity (which is a market-leading specification) allowing up to two tablets to be charged at their maximum speed simultaneously. It is ideal for any combination of USB charged mobile devices including tablets, smart phones, cameras, MP3 players and GPS.

The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module is extremely energy efficient, exceeding the compliance level requirement of the AS/NZS 4665 Standard relating to Performance of External Power Supplies. The minimum compliance level is level 3 and the Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module achieves a greater than Level 5 in Energy Efficiency. It also achieves the lowest possible stand-by power consumption of <0.15W.

Surge Protection and Overload Protection are also featured. Both ensuring the valuable devices being charged are protected from any electrical damage. This charging module requires no special instructions for use or any dedicated installation requirements, and it can be easily wired into the existing terminals of powerpoints and switches.

Perfect for residential kitchens, bedrooms and home offices, or universities, schools and airport lounges among others in commercial applications.

For further information on the Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module click here or call us on 0800 476 009 to arrange a suitable time for one of our representatives to visit you.



Ascent 150: A true economic and highly efficient LED downlight


Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions

The Concord Ascent 150 range combines cutting edge LED technology with stylish designs in both round and square forms. It is an ideal downlight solution for a wide range of applications.

The Ascent 150 range offers excellent performance and reliability by utilising new low-
power, high-output LED technology. Boasting low glare results of under 200 Cd/m/2 at 65 ̊ and above; Long life 50,000 hours plus at 70% luminous flux. The Ascent 150 range delivers exceptional light performance for commercial and workspace.

Choose between 4000K and 3000K CCT options with a typical colour rendering index of Ra80. A wide selection of decorative accessories including floating glass rings, IP44 and IP54 attachments and floating profile cut glass make this luminaire particularly adaptable.

What’s more, the Ascent 150 range offers the Ascent 150 LED High Efficiency, the Ascent 150 LED High Output 32W, the Ascent 150 18 LED Very High Output 42W – 46W as well as a dimmable version. It is also available with a complimentary wallwasher for the provision of vertical illumination.

Range Features:

  • A true economic and efficient replacement for existing CF-L downlights suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Long life, 50,000 hours plus at 70% luminous flux, fit and forget maintenance free lighting solution
  • For workspace applications and very low glare < 200 Cd/m/2 @ 65 ̊ and above
  • Complimentary Wallwasher for the provision of vertical illuminance
  • 4000K neutral white, colour rendering index Ra80
  • 3000K warm white also available
  • Wide selection of decorative accessories including floating glass rings and IP54 attachments

The Ascent 150 range is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions. For more information call us on +64 508 743 757 or email us here



Exceptional take up of new Cladding profile by Designers


Company: Flashman

DualBord is a heavy duty aluminium weatherboard cladding system designed by veteran NZ weathertightness professionals. DualBord is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. The clean straight lines of the vertical application make it ideal for residential and commercial projects. When installed horizontally DualBord provides a modern take on a classic weatherboard profile.

DualBord as a vertical cladding provides a unique “positive-negative” detail. Negative detailing has great aesthetic appeal but many current negative detailed claddings lack robust weathertightness and durability due to sealant dependence, regular maintenance and painting.

The negative detail on DualBord cladding requires no sealant whatever! DualBord was successfully tested by BRANZ in hurricane wind and rain conditions of 232KPH!

Available nationally, DualBord comes in virtually any colour and provides great peace of mind because the entire cladding system is only installed by very experienced Flashclad Distributors, all of whom are fully qualified Licensed Building Practitioners.

Dualbord has been designed to provide a truly robust cladding that is fast and efficient to install, requires very low maintenance, is highly durable and is genuinely a “Cladding for Life” with low life cycle cost.

Dualbord – unsurpassed in design, strength, weathertightness, durability and aesthetics.

Click here to learn more about the Flashclad clad range, or see photos of our cladding in situ.