Exceptional take up of new Cladding profile by Designers


Company: Flashman

DualBord is a heavy duty aluminium weatherboard cladding system designed by veteran NZ weathertightness professionals. DualBord is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. The clean straight lines of the vertical application make it ideal for residential and commercial projects. When installed horizontally DualBord provides a modern take on a classic weatherboard profile.

DualBord as a vertical cladding provides a unique “positive-negative” detail. Negative detailing has great aesthetic appeal but many current negative detailed claddings lack robust weathertightness and durability due to sealant dependence, regular maintenance and painting.

The negative detail on DualBord cladding requires no sealant whatever! DualBord was successfully tested by BRANZ in hurricane wind and rain conditions of 232KPH!

Available nationally, DualBord comes in virtually any colour and provides great peace of mind because the entire cladding system is only installed by very experienced Flashclad Distributors, all of whom are fully qualified Licensed Building Practitioners.

Dualbord has been designed to provide a truly robust cladding that is fast and efficient to install, requires very low maintenance, is highly durable and is genuinely a “Cladding for Life” with low life cycle cost.

Dualbord – unsurpassed in design, strength, weathertightness, durability and aesthetics.

Click here to learn more about the Flashclad clad range, or see photos of our cladding in situ.


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