Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions

The Concord Ascent 150 range combines cutting edge LED technology with stylish designs in both round and square forms. It is an ideal downlight solution for a wide range of applications.

The Ascent 150 range offers excellent performance and reliability by utilising new low-
power, high-output LED technology. Boasting low glare results of under 200 Cd/m/2 at 65 ̊ and above; Long life 50,000 hours plus at 70% luminous flux. The Ascent 150 range delivers exceptional light performance for commercial and workspace.

Choose between 4000K and 3000K CCT options with a typical colour rendering index of Ra80. A wide selection of decorative accessories including floating glass rings, IP44 and IP54 attachments and floating profile cut glass make this luminaire particularly adaptable.

What’s more, the Ascent 150 range offers the Ascent 150 LED High Efficiency, the Ascent 150 LED High Output 32W, the Ascent 150 18 LED Very High Output 42W – 46W as well as a dimmable version. It is also available with a complimentary wallwasher for the provision of vertical illumination.

Range Features:

  • A true economic and efficient replacement for existing CF-L downlights suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Long life, 50,000 hours plus at 70% luminous flux, fit and forget maintenance free lighting solution
  • For workspace applications and very low glare < 200 Cd/m/2 @ 65 ̊ and above
  • Complimentary Wallwasher for the provision of vertical illuminance
  • 4000K neutral white, colour rendering index Ra80
  • 3000K warm white also available
  • Wide selection of decorative accessories including floating glass rings and IP54 attachments

The Ascent 150 range is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions. For more information call us on +64 508 743 757 or email us here