Company: Ke Kelit

Ke Kelit NZ is proud to be part of the Pomare Redevelopment Project (Riverside Gardens). This is New Zealand’s first urban regeneration project which demonstrates an innovative partnership approach by The Crown (HNZC) and a private residential developer (City Living Group) to redevelop over 150 HNZC Lots into a master planned medium density mixed tenure community.

Ke Kelit NZ have been able to demonstrate that the use of high-quality plumbing systems is not out of reach for community projects; it is not just upmarket multi-million dollar developments that should experience the piece of mind Ke Kelit’s KELOX- Multilayer piping system provides.

Ke Kelit NZ have delivered through innovation the most advanced plumbing system in New Zealand, at a cost neutral level to traditional, lesser quality and more widely used plumbing systems.

Royden White, the plumber on-site, says “We never thought this system (KELOX – Multilayer piping) would have been cost effective; it is the Rolls Royce of piping systems. But when we worked through the cost, labour and materials it came out on par with what we had always been using. The push fittings are just so quick and easy, we have also removed 90% of the elbows (bends) because the pipe keeps its shape when it’s bent.”

All Ke Kelit’s systems are backed up with our international warrantee, that provides over 1 million dollars in cover.

For more information call 0800 4 KE KELIT (0800 4 53535) of or visit our website.