Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape – stronger, superior, reliable


Company: Paul Industries

Ultra-Bond Sill Tape is a self-adhered, waterproofing flashing membrane designed to protect windows, doors and through-wall penetrations from moisture infiltration. It is self-adhesive with a split release liner.

Why specify Ultra-Bond?

  • Suitable for use with all synthetic underlays, and rigid air barriers
  • Superior adhesion to OSB, plywood, aluminium, vinyl and weather resistive barriers and un-primed concrete
  • Flexible and tear resistant – moulds effectively around corners
  • Self seals around holes made by nail and fasteners
  • Superior brand, superior product – bonds stronger overtime

New Zealand’s (sometimes) harsh climate demands a flashing system that deflects water back. Important for the health of any building and offering extra durability Ultra-Bond Sill Tape should be your insulation partner in your moisture management system.

For more information visit us at * or call our helpline on 0800 330 320.

*We back our products with comprehensive technical data which is regularly updated and available on this website.


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