Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions

The AUS 160 Greenstar LED Beam is a stylish and high efficient LED Tubular Lighting System that incorporates two rows of LED ZHAGA strips offering all the benefits of LEDs in continuous linear lighting applications at a price similar to comparable T5 systems.

This profile was designed to provide Architects, Lighting Designers and Engineers with another larger bodied option. The fitting comes with all of the LED options such as tuneable white, Sunset Dim, DALI and fixed output Zhaga boards. This profile was developed to fill a market demand for a wider luminiare by increasing the surface area, the luminaire load is spread and reduces glare. The new AUS 160 Greenstar LED Beam offers high performance, energy efficiency and low maintenance, and with its market leading, patented Kwik Lock joining system, it is quick and easy to install – saving thousands of dollars in installation time.

The new AUS 160 Greenstar LED Beam profile includes:

  • Purpose designed thermal management for optimal LED life and output
  • Zhaga compliant LED boards and controls, offering the significant benefits Zhaga standardisation brings (refer to
  • Hi performance PLexiLED optics – an LED specific optic with micro dispersing particles which diffuse light, giving a smooth dot free appearance.
  • KWIK LOCK, Austube’s tool-less coupling system. KWIK LOCK aids installation by requiring no tools for either the physical join of luminaire sections or the electrical connections
  • Dimensions 159mm Wide x 110mm High, Continuous System
  • Zhaga compliant digital dimmable or fixed high output or standard output LED boards
  • PlexiLED diffuser is recessed in the profile (aids reduction of glare)
  • Heat Sinking Capacity Engineered – in anticipation of current and future control gear and board temperatures.

The AUS 160 Greenstar LED Beam is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions. For more information call us on +64 508 743 757 or email