Company: Paul Industries

Enjoy the convenience of using the Fastwrap Underlay System to weatherproof all buildings – no matter where they are, or what they have to withstand.

Fastwrap Wall Underlay is a lightweight, fire retardant underlay that’s BRANZ appraised for use in ALL AREAS and ALL CONDITIONS. Use it with confidence in the highest wind zones, on steel and timber framed structures and on gable ends. View full list of areas and applications.

Complete the system with BRANZ appraised Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape for a weather-tight seal around doors and joinery. Suitable for application to wet surfaces and in temperatures from 5 degrees, it’s the perfect partner for the highly versatile Fastwrap Wall Underlay. Its super-adhesion bond gets even stronger over time, adhering effectively to all synthetic underlays, rigid air barriers, OSB, plywood, aluminium, vinyl, weather and unprimed concrete. More on Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape.

So with one dependable system that does it all – why would you bother with anything else? Make your next specifying job much easier with the Fastwrap Wall Underlay system.

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