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The rise in Medium Density in Auckland


Company: James Hardie

Auckland’s population will increase significantly over the next 20 to 30 years. The environmental consequences and range of costs associated with a larger and more sprawling city, support the challenge for Auckland to create opportunities for more intensive living and working environments, and accommodate growth around already established urban and suburban centres.

Recent trends and research indicate that medium density housing developments will play an integral part in the current and future development of both the urban centre and the urban periphery of the Auckland region.

As Auckland grows and develops, a range of living environments should be provided for Auckland’s diverse population needs. The Auckland Plan and Proposed Unitary Plan both identifies for the need of high-quality medium density housing developments to accommodate sustainable and affordable growth in Auckland.

To help combat Auckland’s housing crisis in the immediate, Special Housing Areas (SHAs) have been identified across the city where fast-track development of affordable housing can take place. These areas are specifically targeted towards medium density housing types such as duplexes, terraced houses, apartments and mixed use residential developments.

As the New Zealand housing market evolves and many metropolitan areas look to intensify housing, it is important to ensure that manufacturers deliver solutions and products capable of facilitating changing typologies. As a market leader James Hardie recognise this growing need.

To find out more on how James Hardie can provide intelligent solutions to your medium density projects do not hesitate to contact our in house medium density specialist, Hasith Gamage on 027 703 7318 or



ROBLITZ® LED Highbay: A stylish, high-efficient and reliable LED luminaire for high ceiling illumination


Company: Aesthetics Lighting Ltd

Accommodating a variety of beam angles, outputs and installation options (suspended or surface mounted), the ORSAM – ROBLITZ® LED Highbay is an ideal lighting solution for a broad range of applications such as warehouses, workshops and public areas.

The ROBLITZ® LED Highbay is a stylish, black powder coated round luminaire of die-cast aluminium construction. With superior strength and durability (IP65 rating), and a life of up to 50,000 hours, once installed the ROBLITZ® LED Highbay will remain virtually maintenance free. The light output from the ROBLITZ® LED Highbay ranges from 9100 lumens to 23000 lumens making it an ideal and energy efficient replacement for 150W – 400W HID high bays with up to 50% energy savings.

Further savings can be achieved with 1-10v dimming on board. ROBLITZ® LED Highbay is extremely energy efficient, producing high illumination with minimum maintenance.

Product Features:

  • Up to 50% energy savings when comparing to traditional highbay technology
  • Different optical designs for area lighting and storage rack lighting
  • Easy and optional mounting method – Surface or Suspended
  • 50,000 hours life time (L70)
  • 1-10V dimmable – To achieve further savings

The ORSAM – ROBLITZ® LED Highbay is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.



Acoustic Beams for de-constructed spaces


Company: Asona

MediaWorks’ initial attraction to the recently completed Three35 building designed by Architects Jasmax was the prospect of increasing the visibility and perceived transparency of their work. Studios and open plan work zones are arranged adjacent to or facing the public footpath in view of passers-by. The fitout is textured and engaging; teamed with translucent twin walls to create offices and meeting spaces, and exposing much of the raw base building structure.

The technical aspects were complex, with the spaces required to accommodate a diverse range of organisational activities and as such any acoustic treatment would have to weave through the building seamlessly. Without a traditional suspended ceiling, Marshall Day acoustic consultants asked Asona to develop a solution to create linear white acoustic Baffle Beams, direct fixed between the concrete ceiling bays that once installed blended seamless into the architect’s aesthetic vision whilst controlling the unwanted reverberation.

Asona manufactures its acoustic Baffle Beams in New Zealand from high density non-combustible glass wool core wrapped in Sonatex™ a 2 ply glass mat composite facing that is cut and folded to give a clean frame-less look. The beams are supplied in standard white, black, grey and wood-grain.  Other options include fabric wrapped and PU wood-print veneers.

Baffle Beams are available in a wide range of standard and custom sizes. For more information please consult our technical team on 09 525 6575.



Introducing brand new, invincible Concrete Block Sealer!

Concrete Block Sealer1

Application of the Concrete Block Sealer System does not alter the natural look of the concrete block

Company: Fraser Brown and Stratmore

Concrete blocks and other highly porous cementitious substrates are very prone to the ingress of water and are very difficult to seal completely and effectively while maintaining their natural look.

Concrete Block Sealer is a high solids clear waterborne sealer designed to go over highly porous cementitious materials such as concrete blocks and seal the surface completely and effectively against ingress of water.


  • Excellent weathering
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries clear
  • Environmentally friendly

Concrete Block Sealer has excellent UV and yellowing resistance. It has been tested under accelerated weathering conditions to the equivalent of 4 years exposure with no signs of deterioration.

Concrete Block Sealer is easy to use. Brush and roller are recommended but spray may be used to touch-up work. It has a good open time and exhibits excellent flow and levelling. It has good sag resistance and may be applied to vertical surfaces without sagging.

Concrete Block Sealer dries to a colourless satin finish coating, which hardly changes the appearance of natural or coloured concrete blocks, pavers, or any other concrete or cementitious surface.

Concrete Block sealer has low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Tools may be cleaned up with water. It is not classified as a hazardous or dangerous good.

Available in 4 L and 10 L pack sizes. For more information please visit the Fraser Brown and Stratmore website or call them on 04 567 8436.

Dunedin Railway Station coated in Silac, an acrylic modified water repellent by FBS


Excel Life Medical – The Antimicrobial Advantage


Company: HPM Legrand

Maximising hygiene and reducing the risk of cross-contamination for the safety of patients, visitors and healthcare workers is a priority for healthcare facilities.

Legrand has addressed this need through the dedicated Excel Life Medical range; a comprehensive wiring devices and accessories offer featuring antimicrobial properties that ensure a safer healthcare environment.

The Excel Life Medical range offers multiple functions to enhance both medical and electrical safety along with comfort and convenience; and it meets the Australian/ New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 3112, AS/NZS 3003 and AS/NZS 3190.


The antimicrobial advantage in the Excel Life Medical range stems from the material construction based on silver ions – widely recognised as having antimicrobial properties that contribute to the reduction of undesired microorganisms.

This technology reduces the risk of proliferation of bacteria without building antibiotic resistance, and together with standard infection control practices assures optimum hygiene.

The Excel Life Medical range has been tested by an independent TGA accredited laboratory to JIS Z 2801:2010 and proven to be an effective antibacterial agent.

The results demonstrated a kill rate against Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus between 99.72% and 99.9999%*.Look for products with the antimicrobial symbol.

Suitable healthcare facilities include hospitals, laboratories, waiting rooms, dental clinics and aged care facilities. The Excel Life Medical range is also ideal for areas with strict hygiene requirements like industrial kitchens, restaurants, toilets, schools and kindergartens.

For further information on Excel Life Medical, please Click Here or contact our customer service on 0800 476 009 to find out how one of our representatives can help you on your next project.


Take the risk out of Plaster Finishes by starting with a Fastfix base

Paul Ind 1

Company: Paul Industries

Why risk a less than perfect stucco plaster finish, when Fastfix takes the gamble out of achieving a consistent depth of cover?

Even the most skilled plasterer will struggle to meet quality standards and achieve a beautiful plaster finish if they start with an uneven base. With Fastfix Premium-6 Crimped Plaster Netting you’re assured of a consistent, uniform space between the netting and wall underlay – with less risk of human error in installation.

BRANZ appraised Fastfix has a regular 6mm crimp that creates even spacing across the entire span of netting.  This eliminates the need to manually insert spacers, avoiding the risk of inconsistent application as well as saving valuable time.  It can be run straight, or bent around corners, making it ideal for complex designs.

In this Ohauiti home by Brendon Gordon Architecture Ltd, Fastfix provided the reassurance of quality workmanship that they were after.   “It gives the plasterer an accurate depth of cover” said Brendon, “so it’s an ideal gauge for quality control”. 

Fastfix is equally at home in both residential and commercial applications.

It is manufactured in NZ, with a heavy 150g/m2 galvanised coating that delivers up to six times longer life than light galv netting.  And with Paul Industries’ unique one-phase crimping process, you get crimping of a consistently high standard without reducing the length of the roll.

Paul Industries recommend that Fastfix Premium-6 Plaster Netting be used in conjunction with Fastwrap Wall Underlay and Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape.

Call 0800 330-320 or visit

Paul Ind 2

Great Minds Think Alike

Digital process : PixSolution

Company: Fairview Systems

For over 46 years, we’ve been helping Kiwis make more of their homes with windows and doors that keep the cold out and keep the warmth in.

Here at Fairview, we’ve built a strong reputation for exceptional quality products and genuinely innovative thinking. In fact, we’ve partnered with thousands of suppliers, architects, specifiers and builders.

Over that time, we’ve earned our trust the hard way – through experience. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching, developing and testing our window and door systems, using some of the best minds in the business. And that business is based right here in New Zealand. Even today, most components of our systems are designed and developed at our own facility in Auckland.

We know New Zealand conditions and building standards, and we design all our products to withstand just about anything our unpredictable weather can throw at them.

All that experience means you’re also dealing with people who know their stuff, so we’re always happy to answer questions, or supply full specification and technical information and installation guides when required. Our technical experts are always on hand to help you.

All so you can deliver the best results to your customers on time, and in budget, every time.

Fairview Systems:

Ph: +64 9 574 2900

Digital process : PixSolution

Golden Homes opts for Freeflow downpipes exclusively


Company: Freeflow Pipes

For over 20 years Golden Homes has built houses for New Zealanders. Its promise is strong, durable, healthy, affordable and attractive homes.

All Golden Homes are built with the company’s own ZOG® steel-frame technology for the strength to withstand nature’s forces and eliminate warping or rotting. House prices are kept down by minimising overheads, smart design and bulk buying of building materials.

Today Golden Homes is one of New Zealand’s top home construction groups, building around 600 houses a year.

Golden Homes CEO Shane Helms says the company started using Freeflow downpipes five years ago and now uses no other downpipe.

“We decided to use Freeflow downpipes because we liked the look and the convenience. Freeflow’s aluminium downpipes are superior to PVC or coloured steel products available today.

“Golden Homes pride ourselves on our innovation and the quality of products used in construction. Freeflow Pipes’ product and production methods fit our homes and our building model well.

“Being in the industry for so long also means we’ve had a chance to perfect our processes. We use only premium products and we make sure that the materials and finishing are the best you’ll find anywhere.”

About 7,500 Freeflow downpipes have been fitted to Golden Homes’ houses.

For more information please visit the Freeflow Pipes website or call +64 7 847 5197.


South Island Specifiers – Join us on our final leg of the free Smartspec Workshop series!


Company: Smartspec

With approximately 300 registrations nationwide, it was no surprise that so far this Smartspec Workshop series has been the busiest yet! We have had a blast meeting the local Architects, Designers and Specifiers in Wellington, Auckland North, Auckland Central, Auckland South, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, and Napier this month.

Thank you to those who joined us to learn smarter and faster specification writing, and the basic and new features of the online specification-writing tool, Smartspec. This week the series will head south for its final leg, visiting Christchurch and Dunedin on Thursday, and beautiful Queenstown on Friday (just in time for the weekend – no coincidences there!)

Invite your peers and colleagues along and join us for 1.5 hours to find out how to save time producing a high-quality and succinct project-specific document. Ideal for all levels regardless of whether you’re new to Smartspec or a frequent user who is after a refresher!

Hospitality will be provided and spaces are limited so please register below to secure a space at your nearest location. 1.5 ADNZ CPD points are available.

We would love to see you there!

CHRISTCHURCH  /  Russley Golf Club  /  Thursday 23rd Oct, 9 – 10.30am

DUNEDIN  /  Forsyth Barr Stadium  /  Thursday 23rd Oct, 3.30 – 5pm

QUEENSTOWN  /  Rydges Lakeland Resort /  Friday 24th Oct, 11 – 12.30pm

This Smartspec Workshop Series is proudly supported by our friends at GIB, Resene Construction Systems, Paul Industries, Nuralite, Firth, Resene, Dynex, and Thermakraft.


Smart Designers are working with Lundia


Company: Lundia

When Comvita’s design team needed a contemporary, versatile and modular display system, they chose Lundia.

This striking installation uses Lundia’s Standard size cubes from the Cubox range finished in white Melteca. The floating display maximises product viewing and testing for customers and by wall-hanging the Cubox, Comvita can display their products within personal environments.

Four different size Cubox were supplied to reinforce the range and variety of body care products and with an extremely tight showroom launch schedule, Lundia built and supplied Cubox ahead of time, so that vinyls and other display elements could be incorporated.

This retail application is not just testament to the quality and service provided by Lundia, it is testament to the smart designers, who can think ahead to deliver stunning and practical solutions for the retail sector. This is designsmart.

Lundia excels in delivering an optimised, modular and versatile solution, so if you need to expand, rethink or resize – our products will grow with you. Many of New Zealand’s leading retailers choose Lundia for its strength, durability and eco-friendly properties. And with Lundia’s green star rated products – it’s not just a good choice, it’s a smart choice.

For versatile, cost and space-saving retail solutions, call Lundia on 0800 860 460 or contact us via our website.