Concrete Block Sealer1

Application of the Concrete Block Sealer System does not alter the natural look of the concrete block

Company: Fraser Brown and Stratmore

Concrete blocks and other highly porous cementitious substrates are very prone to the ingress of water and are very difficult to seal completely and effectively while maintaining their natural look.

Concrete Block Sealer is a high solids clear waterborne sealer designed to go over highly porous cementitious materials such as concrete blocks and seal the surface completely and effectively against ingress of water.


  • Excellent weathering
  • Easy to apply
  • Dries clear
  • Environmentally friendly

Concrete Block Sealer has excellent UV and yellowing resistance. It has been tested under accelerated weathering conditions to the equivalent of 4 years exposure with no signs of deterioration.

Concrete Block Sealer is easy to use. Brush and roller are recommended but spray may be used to touch-up work. It has a good open time and exhibits excellent flow and levelling. It has good sag resistance and may be applied to vertical surfaces without sagging.

Concrete Block Sealer dries to a colourless satin finish coating, which hardly changes the appearance of natural or coloured concrete blocks, pavers, or any other concrete or cementitious surface.

Concrete Block sealer has low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Tools may be cleaned up with water. It is not classified as a hazardous or dangerous good.

Available in 4 L and 10 L pack sizes. For more information please visit the Fraser Brown and Stratmore website or call them on 04 567 8436.

Dunedin Railway Station coated in Silac, an acrylic modified water repellent by FBS