Company: James Hardie

Auckland’s population will increase significantly over the next 20 to 30 years. The environmental consequences and range of costs associated with a larger and more sprawling city, support the challenge for Auckland to create opportunities for more intensive living and working environments, and accommodate growth around already established urban and suburban centres.

Recent trends and research indicate that medium density housing developments will play an integral part in the current and future development of both the urban centre and the urban periphery of the Auckland region.

As Auckland grows and develops, a range of living environments should be provided for Auckland’s diverse population needs. The Auckland Plan and Proposed Unitary Plan both identifies for the need of high-quality medium density housing developments to accommodate sustainable and affordable growth in Auckland.

To help combat Auckland’s housing crisis in the immediate, Special Housing Areas (SHAs) have been identified across the city where fast-track development of affordable housing can take place. These areas are specifically targeted towards medium density housing types such as duplexes, terraced houses, apartments and mixed use residential developments.

As the New Zealand housing market evolves and many metropolitan areas look to intensify housing, it is important to ensure that manufacturers deliver solutions and products capable of facilitating changing typologies. As a market leader James Hardie recognise this growing need.

To find out more on how James Hardie can provide intelligent solutions to your medium density projects do not hesitate to contact our in house medium density specialist, Hasith Gamage on 027 703 7318 or hasith.gamage@jameshardie.co.nz.