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Neuchatel gives Historic Wellington Building new lease on life!



Kate Sheppard Building THEN and NOW

Company: Neuchatel

One of the buildings identified by Wellington City Council as being at earthquake risk because it was built before 1976 when the first modern earthquake standard was introduced (NZS 1976), was this Grade II listed building in Kate Sheppard Place, Thorndon.

Having been completely refurbished and seismically strengthened, the building now has new Neuchatel Mastic Asphalt Roofing installed recently by Mohan Roofing Services Ltd, Auckland licensed installers for this product in New Zealand. This was to replace the original Neuchatel mastic asphalt which was applied in 1925.

Principal, Brian Mohan said it was intriguing to view the original contract for this roof (pictured below), dated 1925 and signed by an Andrew Fletcher, the cost of the new building at that time being ₤3904.

As the Mastic Asphalt Roofing is the strongest and most robust system available on the market, capable of lasting 50-60 years, the Kate Sheppard has a long life ahead of her yet!

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So out, they’re in! Introducing the Retro Classics collection from Cavalier Bremworth


Company: Cavalier Bremworth

Back by popular demand, the Retro Classics collection features five New Zealand wool carpets that Cavalier Bremworth simply couldn’t let go.

Created to meet demand for unique textures and designs, the Retro Classics tick all the boxes for durable and sophisticated commercial flooring that will stand the test of time.

The collection includes a 40oz textured loop pile called Marquetry, a 42oz patterned loop pile called Hardanger, a 42oz patterned loop pile called Petit Point, a 40oz geometric level loop pile called Stratford Images and a 40oz geometric level loop pile called Glenroch.

The five ranges all use the same yarn palette – designed to suit most commercial decors, but have the added option of a greyscale colour or a custom mix.

Please note that there is limited stock on these ranges.  For any large contract orders or custom colour options, please discuss production timing with a Cavalier Bremworth contract sales executive.

Visit for more information on the Retro Classics range.



The CONCORD – Myriad V Square LED Downlight redefines innovative interior lighting


Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions (NZ)

The CONCORD – Myriad V Square LED Downlight is ideal for a diverse range of applications, such as Hotels, restaurants, high-end retail environments or even luxury residential properties.

With a new 13W LED chip, the Myriad V Square provides elegant accent lighting in either a spot or flood format and has a light cut-off angle which exceeds halogen counterparts on the market today. Total power consumption is just 15W -18W dependant on model; the 3000K version offering 953lm of warm white light at 63.87lm/W and the 4000K version offering 983lm of cool white light at 65.53lm/W.

The Myriad V Square comes as standard with an IP20 rated integrated LED driver. IP44 and IP65 options are also available with accessories. To truly blend into the environment, an additional flush “plaster up” ring is available for the Myriad V Square; coming in silver, white and black versions, the ring creates clean ceiling lines with the minimum of fuss for the installer.

More accessories are available including floating glass frames, alongside Kometa Square and Dropped Square additions, which allow for a level of aesthetic appeal which stretches far beyond the competition.

Range features:

  • New high output high efficiency LED downlight modules
  • IR/UV – free light source without heat radiation
  • Energy efficient light source with far superior luminous flux per watt than existing
  • Low Voltage Halogen
  • Dimmable options including DALI as standard
  • IP44 and IP65 with the appropriate accessory
  • New range of Architectural accessories each providing a different lit dimension
  • Choice of colour temperatures warm 3000K and neutral 4000K
  • Silver, Black and White Reflectors for that customised look
  • Luminaires supplied complete with LED drivers
  • Emergency versions pass through cut out
  • New completely flush “plaster up” accessory ring for clean ceiling lines and smooth finish
  • Total circuit power I5W – 18W dependant on model

The CONCORD – Myriad V Square LED Downlight is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.



Introducing SmartFit – the latest innovation from Classic Stone!


Company: Classic Stone

Classic Stone is proud to announce the introduction of the latest in stone installation methods – SmartFit.

The SmartFit system utilises an unique template system, developed by Classic Stone, that enables the installer to apply the stone very efficiently without any loss of quality or authenticity.

The efficiency of the SmartFit system brings considerable savings to its clients with reduced labour costs.

Our Southern Lakes profile (pictured) is the perfect stone profile to show how stunning the system can look.

For further enquiries please visit our website – or contact us on 0800 278 663.



Tekton Weatherisation System – a complete Pre-cladding Solution


Company: Marshall Innovations

Tekton Weatherization System is providing Architects, builders & developers with a complete solution for pre-cladding with Tekton Wall Underlay, Tekton Seam Tape, SUPER-STICK Building Tape & Trade-Seals.

Trade-Seals are an integral component within the system to provide a comprehensive seal around penetrations through the building envelope.

Historically tapes have been used to seal around thru-wall penetrations with varying degrees of success.

Trade-Seals provide a complete seal around the penetration with a one piece collar that has an acrylic self-adhesive perimeter which seals to the Tekton Wall Underlay and is also appraised onto BRANZ appraised flexible & rigid underlays.

Trade-Seals are available in a range of sizes from 8mm up to 220mm.

Trade-Seals are BRANZ Appraised and can now be retro-fitted from the interior onto the back of the underlay.

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Fastwrap does it all – Roof underlay for even the toughest winds


Company: Paul Industries

Specifying is easy with roof underlay that’s BRANZ appraised for use in ALL AREAS WITHOUT RESTRICTION, including the most extreme wind zones.

Fastwrap FlameSpec is a lightweight, synthetic roof underlay that provides effective fire protection without the risk of shrinkage. With the highest absorbency rating on the market, Fastwrap FlameSpec reduces drafts and assists in moisture management under roof claddings.

Fastwrap FlameSpec is available in two variants – Heavy Weight is ideal for use over roof netting while the convenient Self Support spans up to 1200mm centres between purlins without support.

Fastwrap FlameSpec can be installed in wet conditions without affecting the surface. Its distinctive anti-glare grey finish reduces eye strain during installation.

Appraised for use in all areas it can be specified with confidence in even ‘Extra High’ wind zones (in accordance with NZS 3604: 2011) and is suitable for both steel and timber framed structures.

It has an AS 1530.2 Flammability index of <5 and meets the requirements of NZBC Acceptable Solution C/AS1 Part 6 for surface finish requirements for suspended flexible fabrics.

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HPM sheds some light on LED lighting

Stylish kitchen

Company: HPM Legrand

With the introduction of LED lighting, the lighting landscape has changed significantly. Long gone are the days of easily determining the brightness of a lamp by simply looking at the wattage output. Now there are a variety of factors that need to be accounted for in order to choose the perfect light for an installation. While wattage is still important, as it denotes the operating power of the lamp and in turn gives an indication on your electricity consumption, lumen output, lamp colour and dimming compatibility are all new factors that need to be considered.

Lumen output

In short Lumens is the new standard to measure light output, with the higher the lumen, the brighter the light! Some LED lights produce a higher Lumen output per watt so these are the ones that you want to look for as they will likely be a better quality fitting.

The below table gives a good comparison between the most common lighting types. For example if you currently have a 75W incandescent light that you are wanting to refit with an LED fitting, you would want to find one that can output in the 930 lumen range.

Lumin Chart

Lamp colour

The lamp colour is the colour of the light that the LED produces and is key to determining the mood of a room. They are commonly divided into warm white or cool white. Warm white is a softer, warmer light which is typically recommended for bedrooms, lounge rooms and studies. Cool white on the other hand is a neutral whiter light more commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens and garages – but it all comes down to personal preference!

Dimming capability

With incandescent lights things were simpler when it came to dimming. With LED lighting however, it requires a bit more finesse. In order to dim an LED it needs to have a reliable dimmable driver and a wall dimmer to control it. Wall dimmers are specialised modules so it is important to choose your preferred dimmer first, and then match it to a suitable LED light driver, which are far more common, in order to ensure compatibility.

The new range of HPM LED downlights have an excellent ratio of lumen to wattage along with a variety of different lumen outputs making them a great choice for your installation. When it comes to light colour, the HPM LED lighting range includes both warm white and cool white options across much of the range giving you greater flexibility when designing a lighting plan.

HPM and Legrand have a variety of trusted wall dimmer options available which can be used in a range of applications. The new HPM LED lighting range has also been specifically designed to ensure 100% compatibility with these various HPM and Legrand wall dimmer options. You can view some of the available range by Clicking Here.

The HPM LED lighting range features downlights, step lights, star lights, wall lights, up/down light and strip lights. You can view the full LED lighting range by Clicking Here to view the brochure. The range is also expanding so keep an eye out on our website at to see the range or find out more information.

For further information or to arrange a visit from one of our representatives, please call 0800 476 009.



ARIDON® eliminates thermal bridging and condensation build-up in steel framing


Company: ARIDON

Thermal bridging through framing members reduces cavity insulation performance by typically 20% -30% in timber framing and as much as 45-60% in steel frame construction.

ARIDON® Continuous Insulation wraps the exterior walls in a thermal layer of interlocking, self-sealing, weatherproof panels, keeping the frame warm and dry, which provides significantly higher R values in several ways:

  • ARIDON® Continuous Insulation keeps the whole cavity and stud warm and dry – reducing heat loss and increasing the effective R value of the wall system.
  • ARIDON® Continuous Insulation moves the dew point from inside the cavity to the exterior face of the wall, preventing mould and mildew accumulation in the wall.
  • The ARIDON® system combines continuous insulation with an in-built drainage plane (cavity battens), self-sealing joints and a rigid air barrier (NZ3604 – Extra High wind zones), which enables excellent protection against water penetration, reduces material degradation and extends the service life of the building.

The ARIDON® System is the only all-in one solution on the market that provides an environmental separator—keeping the outside elements out and the inside temperatures in – enabling a healthier indoor environment, that performs for the life of the building. The

ARIDON® system is fully BRANZ appraised and replaces the need for building wrap, rigid air barriers, cavity battens, and insulation. We offer the complete system – fully installed and warrantied by ARIDON Ltd, with a team of structural engineers and draughtsman on hand to answer any technical detailing questions.

Find a full suite of timber and steel details online. No restriction on claddings.

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Inspired Design begins at your doorway, entrance matting with style and substance


Company: Advance Flooring

Architects know that first impressions really do count. One of the vital aspects of establishing a positive response is in that often overlooked area, the entranceway floor. Tenants and visitors literally bring a little part of the outside world with them – on the soles of their shoes – when they enter a building.

Since 1976 Advance Flooring has offered a comprehensive selection of top-quality entrance mats that enhance your design but will be among the hardest-working furnishings in your building.

Advance Flooring entrance mats are designed and made in New Zealand for our unique weather conditions. Water absorbency is critical here in New Zealand, carpet infill’s made from hard-wearing textured polyamide fibres, are highly effective in removing dirt and moisture and are used extensively in our mats.

With a wide range of styles to co-ordinate with any design and the ability to custom-make any size or shape to suit Advance Entrance Matting Systems enhance the safety of your design and keeps your building looking great and ensures safety in all weather conditions.

An effective entrance matting system promotes a healthier environment by trapping soil preventing dirt and disease spreading, reducing use of harmful cleaning agents in buildings. A quality entrance mats mean lower servicing costs which equals less energy/CO2 used and prolongs the life of other floor coverings.

We offer a free design service and full written report on your entrance matting requirements, showing what will work best for you.

On our website are CAD drawings available for easy download to assist in your design, fire certificates for all products for your peace of mind and an inspiration gallery where you can see some of the amazing buildings Advance Flooring products have been used in.

Phone us freephone 0508 238 262 in New Zealand for further information, so we can help you get the very best out of your investment in an Advance Flooring entrance mat.