Company: Advance Flooring

Architects know that first impressions really do count. One of the vital aspects of establishing a positive response is in that often overlooked area, the entranceway floor. Tenants and visitors literally bring a little part of the outside world with them – on the soles of their shoes – when they enter a building.

Since 1976 Advance Flooring has offered a comprehensive selection of top-quality entrance mats that enhance your design but will be among the hardest-working furnishings in your building.

Advance Flooring entrance mats are designed and made in New Zealand for our unique weather conditions. Water absorbency is critical here in New Zealand, carpet infill’s made from hard-wearing textured polyamide fibres, are highly effective in removing dirt and moisture and are used extensively in our mats.

With a wide range of styles to co-ordinate with any design and the ability to custom-make any size or shape to suit Advance Entrance Matting Systems enhance the safety of your design and keeps your building looking great and ensures safety in all weather conditions.

An effective entrance matting system promotes a healthier environment by trapping soil preventing dirt and disease spreading, reducing use of harmful cleaning agents in buildings. A quality entrance mats mean lower servicing costs which equals less energy/CO2 used and prolongs the life of other floor coverings.

We offer a free design service and full written report on your entrance matting requirements, showing what will work best for you.

On our website are CAD drawings available for easy download to assist in your design, fire certificates for all products for your peace of mind and an inspiration gallery where you can see some of the amazing buildings Advance Flooring products have been used in.

Phone us freephone 0508 238 262 in New Zealand for further information, so we can help you get the very best out of your investment in an Advance Flooring entrance mat.