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Thermal bridging through framing members reduces cavity insulation performance by typically 20% -30% in timber framing and as much as 45-60% in steel frame construction.

ARIDON® Continuous Insulation wraps the exterior walls in a thermal layer of interlocking, self-sealing, weatherproof panels, keeping the frame warm and dry, which provides significantly higher R values in several ways:

  • ARIDON® Continuous Insulation keeps the whole cavity and stud warm and dry – reducing heat loss and increasing the effective R value of the wall system.
  • ARIDON® Continuous Insulation moves the dew point from inside the cavity to the exterior face of the wall, preventing mould and mildew accumulation in the wall.
  • The ARIDON® system combines continuous insulation with an in-built drainage plane (cavity battens), self-sealing joints and a rigid air barrier (NZ3604 – Extra High wind zones), which enables excellent protection against water penetration, reduces material degradation and extends the service life of the building.

The ARIDON® System is the only all-in one solution on the market that provides an environmental separator—keeping the outside elements out and the inside temperatures in – enabling a healthier indoor environment, that performs for the life of the building. The

ARIDON® system is fully BRANZ appraised and replaces the need for building wrap, rigid air barriers, cavity battens, and insulation. We offer the complete system – fully installed and warrantied by ARIDON Ltd, with a team of structural engineers and draughtsman on hand to answer any technical detailing questions.

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