Tekton Weatherisation System – a complete Pre-cladding Solution


Company: Marshall Innovations

Tekton Weatherization System is providing Architects, builders & developers with a complete solution for pre-cladding with Tekton Wall Underlay, Tekton Seam Tape, SUPER-STICK Building Tape & Trade-Seals.

Trade-Seals are an integral component within the system to provide a comprehensive seal around penetrations through the building envelope.

Historically tapes have been used to seal around thru-wall penetrations with varying degrees of success.

Trade-Seals provide a complete seal around the penetration with a one piece collar that has an acrylic self-adhesive perimeter which seals to the Tekton Wall Underlay and is also appraised onto BRANZ appraised flexible & rigid underlays.

Trade-Seals are available in a range of sizes from 8mm up to 220mm.

Trade-Seals are BRANZ Appraised and can now be retro-fitted from the interior onto the back of the underlay.

For more information visit our website www.mwnz.com or phone 0800 776 9727


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