Company: Cavalier Bremworth

Back by popular demand, the Retro Classics collection features five New Zealand wool carpets that Cavalier Bremworth simply couldn’t let go.

Created to meet demand for unique textures and designs, the Retro Classics tick all the boxes for durable and sophisticated commercial flooring that will stand the test of time.

The collection includes a 40oz textured loop pile called Marquetry, a 42oz patterned loop pile called Hardanger, a 42oz patterned loop pile called Petit Point, a 40oz geometric level loop pile called Stratford Images and a 40oz geometric level loop pile called Glenroch.

The five ranges all use the same yarn palette – designed to suit most commercial decors, but have the added option of a greyscale colour or a custom mix.

Please note that there is limited stock on these ranges.  For any large contract orders or custom colour options, please discuss production timing with a Cavalier Bremworth contract sales executive.

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