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FASTWRAP, the Obvious Choice for Upmarket Developers


Company: Paul Industries

For a developer with a wide range of projects, it makes sense to specify a wall underlay that’s appraised for use anywhere and everywhere.

For Aaron Paku of Paradise Building Developments, Fastwrap Wall Underlay was the obvious choice for this Papamoa home. “Using Fastwrap saves us time because it’s appraised for use in all areas and applications. We can use it anywhere, on any job, knowing it delivers the quality we need without having to revise specs or carry excess stock” commented Aaron.

Fastwrap Wall Underlay is a lightweight synthetic underlay that’s fire retardant, breathable, and durable enough to be used in all areas including gable ends. View full list of areas and applications.

The beige colour minimises glare during installation in bright conditions, making it a favourite with builders.

Paul Industries recommend that Fastwrap Wall Underlay be used in conjunction with Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape, and the Fastwrap FlameSpec range of synthetic Roof Underlays.

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Urbana and Limited Componet Sets


Over the course of the year we’ll be featuring a series of articles by Christopher Welch on emerging and interesting trends in digital architecture, complementing and expanding on topics explored in talks given around New Zealand. To kick us off, we’ll be expanding on a topic only briefly mentioned in his talk – complex forms developed using a limited component set.

Mass customisation; it’s a phrase that’s been floating around in architectural discourse for a while now. The concept is that by taking advantage of emerging fabrication techniques and parametric software, sculptural elements can be constructed out of dozens, if not hundreds of one-of-a-kind components. The software we have is certainly up to the task – tools like Grasshopper and Dynamo allow this kind of panellisation to be generated in a matter of minutes.

But for architects who have to bring these ideas to fruition, the mass customisation of components has a whole raft of challenges associated with it – prototyping, fabrication, naming, getting to the site and communicating assembly information to contractors.

While this kind of construction certainly can be (and has been) achieved, complexity does not necessarily require hundreds of unique parts – on the other end of the spectrum from mass customisation, you have people producing complexity simply by working with the degrees of variation that exist within the simple components at their disposal.

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ARIDON® – Reducing your risk by intelligent control of the thermal, air and moisture properties


Company: ARIDON

Building science international best practice, identifies that the optimum place for the four principal control layers (water, air, vapour & thermal) is to locate them on the outside of the structure in order to protect the structure.

The ARIDON® System is the only all-in one solution that provides an environmental separator—keeping the outside elements out and the inside temperatures in, enabling a healthier indoor environment that performs for the life of the building. The ARIDON® system replaces the need for building wrap, rigid air barriers, cavity battens, and insulation with a thermal layer of interlocking weatherproof panels, installed on the exterior of the building frame, keeping it warm and dry. This minimises the risk of condensation, mould and mildew forming within the wall since the framing cavity is effectively kept at room temperature.

ARIDON®’s unique combination of self-sealing joints, drainage plane, cavity batten and a rigid air barrier (NZ3604 – Extra High wind zones) provides superior protection against water intrusion and condensation. The ARIDON® layer of continuous insulation has comparable performance to 140mm framing and R4 cavity insulation – with only 90mm framing.

ARIDON® – Intelligent Building Enclosures are BRANZ appraised. We offer the complete system – fully installed and warrantied by ARIDON Ltd, with a team of structural engineers and draughtsman on hand to answer any technical detailing questions.

Find a full suite of timber and steel details online. There are no restrictions on claddings so please contact us if the details are not on the website.

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GreenPad Carpet Tiles certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand


Company: Advance Flooring

Advance Flooring Company is pleased to announce that your selection of GreenPad Carpet Tiles manufactured from Dupont Sorona Fibre is now certified by Environmental Choice New Zealand.

The Environmental Choice New Zealand programme is owned by the New Zealand Government and administered independently by the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust. The programme works under the principles of the ISO 14024 standard which considers the environmental impacts of products over their whole lifecycle. Environmental Choice New Zealand is also a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network.

Products having the Environmental Choice New Zealand label are recognized as having an overall environmental preference within a specific product category based on life cycle considerations. The label also represents an independent 3rd party assessment of a product against a published specification. Licensees are required to keep records and report against the specification in order to keep it current.

Joining the Environmental Choice programme was a natural step for Advance Flooring Company who have long had a commitment to act responsibly in all that we do. With 5 new exciting patterns adding more depth to an already exciting range your choices of pattern and colour have now expanded dramatically.

To receive samples of these exciting new ranges please contact your representative or to view please visit GreenPad Dupont Sorona Carpet Tiles.

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Introducing MagnaLatch ALERT… The world’s ultimate child safety latch just got safer!


Company: BTI

Nearly 25 years after the original MagnaLatch hit the market, the next generation ‘Series 3’ MagnaLatch ALERT has arrived. After years in R&D and testing, and with a host of enhancements, the world’s most trusted child security latch is sure to impress customers and installers alike.


  • Single ‘beep’ upon each gate opening
  • Full alarm if gate is open 15 seconds
  • At-a-glance ‘gate locked’ indicator
  • Key lockable for added security
  • 2-3 year battery life under normal operating conditions
  • Easily replaceable Li-Ion battery
  • Latch proven over 25 years
  • Tested to 2 million cycles

The new MagnaLatch ALERT is the perfect latch for early childhood education centres!

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New Paffoni CANDY Collection offers total discretion


Company: Paffoni NZ

Pleasing and discrete lines are able to transform a simple tap into a small object of design, capable of attracting attention as a timeless element due to its non-invasive aesthetic.

A compact size faucet and a concealed aerator are looking to the future in a purposeful way. The new Professional Kitchen Sink mixer has a 46 mm diameter-body, hiding an avant-garde personality with the ability to choose the matt black spring and a support with an innovative magnet system.

This new collection is now available through your local Mico Bathrooms.

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53 Victoria St – Built to last with James Hardie products


Company: James Hardie

Project Overview

Built by Priority Projects and designed by Thom Craig Architects this classy, three-storey office and retail building is located in the popular Victoria Street precinct opposite the Christchurch Casino. The owners have rebuilt after the Canterbury earthquakes destroyed the low-rise buildings on their 1,140 square metre site.

The building is tough as well as beautiful. The retail units offer a cutting edge contemporary design, while the foundation incorporates the latest refinement in base isolation – the first time this technology has been used in New Zealand.

The Challenge

A combination of structural requirements and aesthetic considerations have driven the redevelopment. The client was seeking a minimalist design for the building as a backdrop to the flamboyant casino situated opposite, and simplicity in addition to durability was a key driver of the building materials selected.

The James Hardie Solution

The building features a combination of James Hardie Stria Cladding and Titan Façade Panel installed on RAB board. The cladding has been installed along the sides of the building to provide simple texture and strong horizontal lines, while horizontal and vertical metal fins on the street frontage provide a contemporary, edgy appeal. This simplicity is further evoked through the use of Stria Cladding in the interior and entrance to create a look of transparency from the front to the back of the building.

The simplistic design belies the complexity of the installation. James Hardie worked with the builder, John McMillan, to develop installation solutions for fixing Stria Cladding to the fins, which are outside the scope of published specification. “This was the first time we had used Stria Cladding and James Hardie worked with us on-site to develop a technical solution to address challenges such as reduced clearance and access, including installing a dummy wall for installation training” explains McMillan.

Durability and low maintenance of product was another key factor in material selection. James Hardie products use an advanced lightweight cement composite technology that delivers heavy- duty performance. The result is a tough, beautiful building that meets all the client’s requirements and fits perfectly within its environment.

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