Company: Hot Water Heat Pumps

Do your clients want an indoor pool? Then talk to Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd. With over 30 years in the business, we know about creating the correct environment for an indoor pool. It’s not just about heating your pool, it’s about getting the building design right, utilising the correct building materials, and using an appropriate heating and ventilation system to keep condensation under control.

Here are a few handy pointers:

  • Make sure the pool enclosure is properly built and insulated, otherwise no condensation control system will be as effective as it could be
  • Use double glazed windows to help prevent condensation
  • Install a Vent‐Air air‐handling system to create the correct environment for your indoor pool to maintain optimum temperature(s) and cost savings
  • Ensure duct work is installed in a loop under the ceiling or underground to distribute air evenly on all surfaces
  • Use a proper cover when the pool is not in use to retain the heat and minimise evaporation

Have a look at one of our recent residential installations at www.waterheating.co.nz.

To talk to one of our technical experts regarding your next indoor pool build, call 0800 336633.