Company: Devan Plastics Ltd

Integra Wastewater Management have just dropped their new range of residential and commercial wastewater treatment products into the market. With three residential options from 1500 litres per day through to 2500 litres per day and three commercial options from 2000 litres per day up to 4000 litres per day specifiers will have no problem matching up with their projects.

Developed through years of research and development by Devan Plastics they have hundreds of systems in the ground and are excited that they have not had a single failure.

“With the bad press the industry gets from fly by night type manufacturers it was critical to Devan that the Integra product be thoroughly tested prior to going to market” said Product Manager Alistair Bell.

The Integra product is supported by an impressive bundle of technical and specifier documentation that has proved to be a big hit with councils around the country and the resent stellar success the product enjoyed at the OSET trials means it gets stamped off in a flash.

For more information on the Integra range contact Alistair Bell on 0800 338 268.