Company: ARIDON®

We have seen a lot of change in the last 20 years and a lot of building envelope failure – yet, the traditional building materials we use in our building envelope have been around for 20+ years with only minor design changes. Would you consider using the cell phone you had 20 years ago, or have you chosen to move to a smart phone?

So why settle for old technology when building/designing? Global best practise has seen the emergence of all-in-one smart building systems that dynamically control water, air and heat movement in the building enclosure.

The optimum position for these rain, air, vapour and heat control layers (building enclosure) is on the outside of the wall frame, in order to protect the building structure/frame from temperature extremes and water penetration. ARIDON® is the ultimate smart solution – designed and developed for the NZ environment.

So what is ARIDON®? The ARIDON® system is a continuous layer of interlocking, rigid panels that wrap around the building frame, to form a weatherproof thermal shell.  This shell acts as an intelligent control layer for the building – managing rain, air, vapour and heat movement. Overseas similar systems are called The Perfect Wall, as they not only reduce the risk of building envelope failure, but also provide a healthier, more sustainable building.

In layman’s speak we have combined the Building wrap + Rigid Barrier + The Cavity Battens + The Insulation into one all-encompassing rigid panel that performs at a level far higher than the sum of the individual components. Why? Because building science has proven that moving the “control layers” to the outside of the frame is a far superior way of stopping internal and external moisture ingress, eliminating thermal bridging and providing superior long term energy efficiency.

At Aridon Ltd – we believe “Sustainability” is also about getting fewer products to perform better. If you don’t need to drain the environment by manufacturing four products – why would you, when you can achieve better results with one? We have a bunch of clever people who understand these new technologies and the building industry – the result: a Gold Standard solution.

So, are you ready to move away from your old technology and try an internationally proven smart solution?

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