Company: Wilson & Gilkes NZ Ltd

Boscotek has a reputation for providing superior quality, reliable and durable drawer storage systems and workbenches for a diverse range of applications and industries.

Boscotek products are designed and manufactured in Australia by Wilson & Gilkes. Boscotek and Bosco have been providing storage solutions for over 30 years. The products are recognised for quality, durability and reliability.

Boscotek range includes;

  • High density storage cabinets
  • Industrial cupboards
  • Workbenches
  • Fixed and mobile tool trolleys
  • Storage accessories

At Boscotek safety is paramount. As an ISO 9001.2 quality endorsed company, we focus on providing products that perform and are safe.

Consultation with end users is a key component in the development of industry focused storage solutions. Continual development of the product range ensure we offer our customers the best quality products with the most practical and innovative features and accessories.

Boscotek storage solutions employ a team of industrial designers and engineers who work continuously to evolve and improve the Boscotek product range.

Utilising 3d modelling software and rapid prototyping processes, our designers can bring design concepts to reality and conduct extensive testing and evaluation before a product reaches the market.

Whilst the Boscotek range is extensive, we realise that there are occasions when our customer requirements will be unique and we will not have a standard product design or configuration to address these needs. Our design team can work with you to develop a product or range of products that meet your specific requirements and are purpose-built for their intended application.

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