Company: HPM Legrand

Over on a small continent to the West of New Zealand, our engineers at Legrand have been creating a stunning new Edgelight from the ground up – or is it from the ceiling down?

The challenge was to deliver a premium product that is attractive to specifiers, highly versatile for contractors, and energy efficient and compliant with the current and potential future standards. It is also pretty rare these days to have local content as a key ingredient. Legrand Prestons facility in Sydney, however, is bristling with injection molding machines that are normally occupied squirting high quality wiring devices in a variety of shapes and colours. You just can’t let talent go to waste so three years ago, Legrand set about to re-invent the wheel.

E2 is the remarkable result of focusing a great deal of electronic and industrial design talent on a single project! It is essentially a blade type exit for AS/NZS 2293 24-metre applications. It can be surface-mounted on the wall or ceiling, or indeed suspended – nothing unusual about that. Taking it a step further, the E2 has a clever spring retainer, which enables it to be fixed to an inclined surface such as a raked ceiling. With the addition of a recessing plate, a more discrete installation can be achieved – again this applies to wall, slope or ceiling.

The ‘slide connect’ concept that harks back to the original Legrand (Minitronics) exit of the 70’s is still used widely in the award-winning G2 exit, but Legrand has initiated a 21st century version for the new E2, incorporating a positive connection 5-way terminal block with 12 mm² terminals.

Under the hood you will find the Legrand universal common LED board or CLB as it called by the AD propeller heads (AD means ‘acronym-driven’ not ‘attention-deficit’). The CLB has now been rolled into almost all of the Legrand exits with just a tweaking of firmware to accommodate special requirements such as delivering more grunt to the big boxes. This ensures a quicker throughput in production to meet fluctuating demand requirements across an otherwise diverse range.

The family DNA is also apparent in the manufactured LED strip that will permeate all of the Legrand exits. No less than 16 LEDs are arrayed across the top of the E2 to give excellent uniformity on the entire face of the sign, whether single-or double-sided. Sufficient light (or luminous flux as we like to call it) is pumped beneath the sign to achieve a healthy classification as an emergency luminaire (Single-sided: C0 C12.5, C90 C12.5) despite consuming only 2.2 watts on low rate charge.

Rolling off the production lines are the stand-alone versions along with AXIOM wireless network versions. Theatre versions will also be produced due to our ability to mould quality components in gloss black.

Click Here to download the datasheet or visit www.legrand.co.nz or call 0800 476 009 for further details.