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The ARIDON® SMART WALL system is a continuous layer of interlocking, rigid panels that wrap around the building frame, to form a weatherproof thermal shell.  This shell acts as an intelligent control layer for the building – managing rain, air, vapour and heat movement through the building envelope. This concept is recognised by international experts as “The Perfect Wall”- as it is the best way to minimise building envelope failure and provide a healthier, more energy efficient and sustainable building.

Typically 20-25% of each wall in New Zealand buildings is made up of framing.  Modern buildings are around 33% and up to 50%– that’s a lot of heat loss through the framing!

That is like imagining one in every four walls is solid timber. Heat flow through a wall, will always take the path of least resistance – any time the insulation is interrupted (such as dwangs/studs), the effective R value of the insulation is significantly reduced below the specified product R value.

Cavity insulation – our favoured form of insulating in NZ, performs very well in the stud cavity – however timber is not a good insulator and steel is very poor, so the building suffers from cold and potentially damp spots (thermal bridging).

For Example: In a wall with 26% framing ratio, 10mm plasterboard and an R2.8 Cavity Infill (Glass wool) the R value performance will reduce to R1.85 (Calculations to NZS4214:2006).  Building Code guidelines in NZ recommend a Constructed R value = 1.9 for the North Island and R2.0 for the South Island and Central Plateau.

In order to know the wall’s true thermal performance, you must calculate overall R-values (unit of thermal resistance for a material) for the entire wall assembly – this is known as the Constructed R Value of the Wall.


We all know heat rises – therefore ceiling insulation has a large impact. However heat also escapes through walls and this is the next most critical area to address. In addition, we typically live closer to walls than to the ceilings as does our furniture. Therefore the coldness of a poorly insulated wall has much more impact on the comfort of the occupants than a cold ceiling.

On your next design – think ARIDON® SMART WALL – it will exceed H1 compliance, eliminate the likelihood of condensation in your building envelope and provide an energy efficient building for life!

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Image below: Traditional NZ Dwelling “The tell-tale signs of Thermal Bridging – Heat loss along the framing members seen on a chilly autumn morning. This is also indicative of potential condensation problems within the wall”