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News from Bostik – New Expanda Foam Range!


Company: Bostik

Bostik have just launched a complete range of professional grade and general purpose PU expanding foams, with gun grade and aerosol foams, cleaners and foam guns from Europe.

Key features of the range include very high yield and low expansion in one product, with up to 50L from Bostik Expanda Pro Gun Foam 750ml and up to 45L from Bostik Expanda Pro Aerosol Foam 750ml.

The full range includes the following products and features:

Bostik Expanda Pro Gun Foam 750ml

  • Professional grade, gun applied Polyurethane foam.
  • Very high yield (up to 50L) and low expansion in one product!
  • Gun gives very precise application
  • Seals, fills cavities, minimises sound, provides air seal, and eliminates draughts.
  • Ideal for sealing around window / door frames.

Bostik Expanda Pro Foam 750ml

  • Professional grade Polyurethane foam.
  • Very high yield (up to 45L) and low expansion in one product!
  • Multi-positionable – can be used at any angle
  • Seals, fills cavities, minimises sound, provides air seal, and eliminates draughts.
  • Ideal for sealing around window / door frames

Bostik Expanda Foam GP 500ml

  • General purpose, ready to use Polyurethane foam.
  • Reusable – foldable nozzle and plug system maximises shelf life once opened.
  • Seals, fills cavities, minimises sound, provides air seal, eliminates draughts, seals window / door frames.

Bostik Expanda Gun & Foam Cleaner 500ml

  • Removes uncured foam.
  • Cleans Expanda Foam Dispenser Guns.
  • Cleans aerosol valves and spray nozzles of Expanda Foam aerosol cans.

Bostik Expanda Designer Gun

  • High quality gun for use on Bostik Expanda Pro Gun Foam.
  • Body of gun made of steel.
  • Sourced from Europe.

Available at Carters nationwide.


Fastwrap Wall Underlay – Now with Codemark


Company: Paul Industries

“Codemark gives our customers yet another level of reassurance” says Ben Lloyd, GM Sales & Marketing for Paul Industries. “All Fastwrap products are BRANZ appraised, and now with Codemark for Wall Underlay, builders and specifiers can use our products with an even higher level of confidence”.

After 7 years on the NZ market, Fastwrap has stayed true to the KISS principle, avoiding the unnecessarily complicated product ranges common in this category. The Fastwrap range comprises just four products that between them, are appraised to tackle any job, anywhere.

Fastwrap Wall Underlay. BRANZ appraised for use in all areas and all applications and now with Codemark.

Fastwrap FlameSpec Roof Underlay (Heavy Weight or Self Support). BRANZ appraised for use in all applications without restriction.

Fastwrap Ultra-Bond Sill Tape. Complete the system with this BRANZ appraised tape.

And with a philosophy based on making life as simple as possible for specifiers and builders, Codemark Certification for Fastwrap Wall Underlay was a logical step for the team at Paul Industries.

“Let’s face it, the easier it is to specify and use our products, the better for everyone” comments Ben. “Specifiers don’t have to waste time getting to grips with unnecessary products, and builders save money by using the same underlays on all their jobs”.

Call 0800 330-320 or visit


Faster, more affordable concrete flooring systems


Allied Concrete’s READYfloor

Company: Allied Concrete

Allied Concrete have flooring systems to suit your needs and building budget for all ground conditions. In a building environment with rising costs and increasing technical demands, Allied Concrete have applied their expertise to provide a range of solutions which offer savings and surety.


A large percentage of buildable ground in NZ is considered ‘Good Ground’- a technical classification in NZS3604. Allied Concrete’s READYfloor offers a proven, Codemarked alternative to standard 3604 foundation and flooring designs. This means it has been tested pre-approved and will be accepted by council explains Allied Concrete national sales and marketing manager Dave Barker.

“READYfloor’s Codemarked alternative to 3604 foundations meets the Building Code. By not needing the traditional steel reinforcing, you can start your building project with significant savings in both time and expenditure,” Dave says.

“With READYfloor, the reinforcing is already in the concrete which comes ready to pour. The ‘time is money’ idea turns up in your pocket!”

Readyfloor can be for concrete house slabs, shops, warehouses or any lightly loaded concrete floor. A cost calculator on the website allows you to estimate the cost savings compared to using traditional steel reinforcing.


When a specific ground test does not meet the Code definition of ‘good ground’, a Specific Engineered Design (SED) is required. Allied Concrete has developed a concrete flooring product which allows for an engineered foundation system regardless of your technical category and, according to Southern Foundations Ltd director Bevan McKeich, that’s not the only area Allied Superslab excels.

“Allied Superslab provides a far more earthquake resilient flooring system, which is warmer, stronger and quicker to build than traditional flooring systems,” Bevan says.

Southern Foundations is a registered installer of Allied Superslab and Bevan says the product is a cost competitive foundation system which is fully accepted with territorial authorities.

Beam grills within the concrete slab provide a stiffer and stronger final product. Because of this inherent strength, a deepened perimeter footing can usually be omitted. Allied Concrete utilises a deeper pod within its Superslab, which produces an even stronger finish against competing products.

“An Allied Superslab cuts the construction time for the foundation considerably,” Bevan explains. “A Superslab foundation can be built in four days from start to finish and this will significantly influence your construction costs.”

For more information on how your build project can benefit from Allied READYfloor or READYsuperslab phone Allied Concrete on 0800 4 ALLIED (0800 425 543) or visit to view a comprehensive run down on the range of products available.

Allied Concrete’s READYsuperslab



An addition and alteration project uses James Hardie products inside and out for a low maintenance solution


Company: James Hardie

Project details:

Location: Remuera, Auckland
Project Size: 180 sqm addition
Project Type: Addition and Alteration

Project Overview:

An addition and alteration project to a residential building in Remuera utilised James Hardie products on the exterior and interior to achieve a durable, low maintenance solution for the homeowners.

The house features James Hardie Linea® Weatherboard on the upper floor with HardieGroove® Soffit Lining jointed around the perimeter. The cladding is painted in White which complements the ground floor brick exterior. James Hardie HomeRAB® Pre-cladding was selected as a robust underlay.

“HomeRAB and Linea work very well together,” says Project Manager Para Gamage. “The pre-cladding provided a rigid base for the exterior cladding.”

“HomeRAB also enabled the house to be weatherproofed early, making it a good alternative to traditional paper underlays,” explains Gamage. “Similarly, Linea Weatherboard provides superior weathertightness to timber weatherboard in the wet, winter months.”

Gamage has used both James Hardie products on previous projects, including his own rental property, and says he is pleased with how the product has performed.

Inside, the house’s existing plywood flooring was stripped and replaced with Secura™ Interior Flooring, a more rigid alternative. Like Linea and HomeRAB, Secura is composed of an advanced lightweight cement composite for heavy-duty performance.

“Secura is long lasting and does not require treating, providing long-term benefits to home owners,” says Gamage. “It is also easy to install with a tongue and groove jointing system.”

The tongue and groove jointing system minimises movement that causes tile cracking. Once laid the flooring is gun nailed in place.

“Overall, it was a straightforward build, and we were supported throughout by James Hardie representatives, who recommended the proper tools to use and visited the site to assist as required,” says Gamage.

Ask James Hardie | 0800 808 868 |


A Strayt case of form and function in the bathroom


The contemporary Strayt single lever basin mixer.

Company: Kohler

Strayt, the newest release from Kohler is one of the most contemporary of Kohler’s many collections. Featuring a perfectly proportioned profile of clean, fine lines melding into uninterrupted fluid curves – this modern, square design with sleek finish is repeated throughout the collection comprising basin, bath and shower mixers plus matching accessories.

This contemporary collection is an expression of 21st century minimalism and modernity. Each piece is testament to the utmost integrity in design and will enhance the overall aesthetics of bathrooms, ensuites and powder rooms.

Tapware in the range comprises a standard and tall basin mixer, both 5 star WELS rated (less than 6 litres/min) plus bath/shower mixers with and without diverter. All tapware boasts metal construction and polished chrome that resists tarnishing and corrosion.

Accessories include towel bars, robe hooks, toilet tissue holders plus hotelier in a corrosion and tarnish-resistant polished chrome.

Available from Mico showrooms nationally. Visit for more information.

The Strayt tall single lever basin mixer paired with the Reve Vessels basin.



Stop the ingress of water & maintain the natural look of your concrete blocks


Standard concrete block coated with concrete block sealer

Company: Fraser Brown and Stratmore

FRASER BROWN AND STRATMORE’S new CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is a clear waterborne sealer designed to go over such difficult materials, sealing the surface completely and effectively against ingress of water.

It has excellent weathering, UV and yellowing resistance, having been tested under accelerated weathering conditions to the equivalent of 4 years harsh exposure with no signs of deterioration.

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is designed to be used as part of a complete sealer system which includes AQUELLUX S WB. It easily meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4456.16:2003 “Determining Permeability to Water”

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is easy to apply, even on vertical surfaces. It dries to a clear, colourless satin finish, which hardly changes the appearance of natural or coloured concrete blocks, pavers, or any other concrete or cementitious surface.

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is environmentally friendly, with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Tools may be cleaned up with water. It is not classified as a dangerous good.

CONCRETE BLOCK SEALER is available in 4 L and 10 L pack sizes. Visit our website and get yours today!

Honed concrete block coated with concrete block sealer (uncoated at far right)



Only two weeks to go – have you registered yet?


Now in it’s third year, Paradigm Shift is becoming renowned as an industry event highlight! We already have 1200+ specifiers and industry professionals signed up for the FREE events in TGA, AKL, WLG, CHC and ZQN, and it’s not too late for you to join us!

Why attend Paradigm Shift 2015? There’s a whole bunch of reasons…

Firstly, you’ll enjoy a wonderfully inspiring keynote presentation from architecturally-trained Usman Haque. Usman is coming all the way from London to share his experience of designing + engineering a myriad of responsive environments, interactive installations, digital interface devices & mass-participation initiatives that have won prestigious awards across the globe! Also for the Auckland event exclusively, Ludo Campbell-Reid, Auckland Design Champion and GM of Auckland Design Office, will be doing a live Q+A session with Usman following the keynote presentation.

You’ll also learn about the latest technology and products from our industry-leading Event Partner’s. Not only will you interact with their non-traditional displays around the venue, but their rapid-fire presentations (strictly 2 minutes each) will keep you up-to-date, and not to mention on the edge of your seat!

To top it all off, you’ll enjoy complimentary drinks and canapés on us as you network and do all of the above! Plus take home a tote bag full of goodies, and go in the draw to win fantastic door prizes from our generous Event Partners (coffee machines, wine + food hampers, exclusive prints, iPads and speaker systems just to name a few)!

All events from from 4:30-8:00pm, with Auckland running a little longer. Locations and dates as below:

04 May – TAURANGA – Mills Reef Winery
05 May – AUCKLAND – Shed 10
06 May – WELLINGTON – Te Papa
07 May – CHRISTCHURCH – Cardboard Cathedral

08 May – QUEENSTOWN –  Stoneridge Estate

Does the above sound like you? Then please register today and join us – we would love to see you at your local event in two week’s time!

From the Event Organisers,

– Productspec + Smartspec


The 2nd wave of leaky homes is here – Interstitial Condensation. Ensure your design is protected!


Company: ARIDON

Leaky homes are commonly known to leak from the outside in – the disaster that hit our building trade in the 90’s was largely addressed with the introduction of a Risk Matrix assessment of the building envelope and use of claddings with a drainage cavity in higher risk scenarios.

However – the second wave of leaky homes is just coming to the surface – leaky homes caused by Interstitial Condensation – the same phenomena experienced in Canada. This 2nd wave of leaky homes emerging in colder NZ climates could be even more detrimental than the first wave of leaky homes, as it can only be seen once the mould and mildew has become established and the air contaminated.

Water vapour in the wall frame is not a problem in itself. Most walls are constructed from organic materials which are best kept in conditions which are healthy for humans. The problem occurs when water vapour meets cold surfaces (thermal bridges) or cold air and condensation (dew) forms. The term used to define when this occurs is the dew point.

This condensed water can then travel down through the wall assembly – often ending up in areas far removed from the original source. This moisture then causes rot, mildew and dampness to form within the wall and is much more difficult to remove than the original water vapour.

Interstitial Condensation reduces insulation performance and causes fabric deterioration. If the relative humidity levels in the building exceed 70% for prolonged periods, there is a high probability that the condensation occurring on cold surfaces will lead to mould growth. This can seriously affect the quality of the air for the occupants and mould spores can have a detrimental effect on human respiratory system and with 1 in every 6 adults and 1 in every 4 children in NZ suffering from asthma – this emphasises the importance of managing condensation in building fabric.

The safest way to prevent condensation forming in wall cavities is to keep the wall frame and cavity warm, and ensure the dew point does not sit within the wall fabric (dry zone of the building envelope). The ARIDON® SMART WALL system wraps the building frame in a thermal weatherproof shell – (eliminating thermal bridging) which maintains the wall cavity at a temperature very similar to that of the room itself. The theoretical dew point of the SMART WALL system is near the exterior face (wet zone side) of the panel – exactly where it should be!

Check out some independent WUFI modelling demonstrating the superior long term performance of the ARIDON® Smart Wall system versus traditional building systems – you may be a little shocked at the results. It’s also a gentle reminder that design and construction in colder climates should not replicate the successful techniques used in warmer climates.


Section through an external wall illustrating the Dew Point. The drops show where the mould might grow within your wall.


Hallway Sensing Made Easy


Company: HPM Legrand

The all new lighting management switch sensors from Legrand provide new solutions for a variety of commercial applications. Of particular note is the new hallway sensor which boasts a 12m sensing range on EACH SIDE of the sensor – that’s a total of 24m continuous hallway coverage from the 1 fitting.

This PIR ceiling mounted sensor has a wide range of adjustable settings to ensure any installation is catered to. These settings include:

Light Level Detection – the automatic detection of daylight levels allows you to save power as the lights will only activate if the daylight is less than the user programmed level.

Vacancy and Occupancy Mode – Occupancy mode means that lights are automatically switched on or off according to occupancy whereas Vacancy mode means that lights are manually switched on and automatically switched off. Vacancy mode offers extra energy savings.

Programmable via remote control – supplementary remote control allows for easy setting of sensors. Simply point the remote at the sensor, input your desired settings and you are done. Those settings can then be replicated in another fitting with the press of one button.

Passive infrared (PIR) technology – Passive infrared technology detects occupancy by reacting to infrared energy sources, such as a human body in motion. This makes it a great choice for hallways as there is a lot of human movement.

For further information on the Hallway Sensor from Legrand click here to view the product advice or to talk with one of our representatives and discuss this product please call 0800 476 009.



The Rotaliana Ipe series shows how less can be more when style is involved


Company: Aesthetics Lighting Solutions (NZ)

Ipe is a family of wall lamps providing indirect light both upward and downward, which guarantees an excellent visual comfort as well as an unexpected luminous effect. The smallest version functions with a halogen light bulb and all the other models function with high performance energy-saving light bulbs.

Ipe is made of aluminium, polished, and painted. The shape of the device draws its inspirations from metal beams used in architecture, hence the name of the lamp. It is original and yet discreet; its small dimensions and the fact that it is easy to assemble make it a very practical lamp both at home and in public spaces.


Powder-coated extruded aluminium wall fitting and body; die-cast aluminium lateral sealing caps, either polished and chromed, or painted. Sanded PC diffusers.

The ROTALIANA – Ipe series is available exclusively from Aesthetics Lighting Solutions.